Entrepreneurship within the Art Industry

Entrepreneurship within the Art Industry

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Art and business do not quite fit together in our general understanding. But it is astonishing how many possibilities there can be when both are working together. In fact, entrepreneurship is a field which is boundless with opportunities and any professional field on earth can suit it. No matter if you belong to the field of medicine, engineering, art, finance, marketing, media, life sciences, technology, etc., you always can pursue entrepreneurial interests in any field.

Mostly it would be strange to consider where art fits in entrepreneurship. But one woman’s experience serves as a profound example when it comes to art and entrepreneurship. Joelle Dinnage has founded over 5 companies. The major ones including InVogue Art Gallery, Global Art Agency, Global Art Collector Association, The Funky Art Gallery and MACA.

Joelle stepped in the world of entrepreneurship from a young age. Following graduation, she started a venture with seven final-year students and won many awards. After moving to London from the Netherlands, she started her art gallery and organized exhibitions. Next was finding Global Art Agency which turned out to be a fruitful venture that they went on to pitching Richard Branson.

She has independently worked as a Curator for Playboy London. She also became an Art and Collectibles Expert for Worldguide. She holds the “Inspirational Business Woman Award” by Woman in Trade UK. She has several awards to her name that she has won throughout her career. She’s looking to do more in the next five years and here’s what she says about her future plans: “As I said this is only the beginning so the next five years are going to be the most important years for our businesses. We will establish many more art events in different parts of the world, and collaborate with some global key brands. I am also writing an autobiography that I want to have published in the next couple of years followed by a movie based on this (ambitious but achievable). The world will trip!”

Joelle leads by an example of how art and entrepreneurship can work in the junction. Many artists out there struggle to achieve the deserved recognition. It is also a huge myth floating around in the culture that artists do not get to earn a decent livelihood as opposed to someone with a different degree or specialization. This popular myth has conditioned a huge number of people to give up on their dreams, abandon their artistic pursuits and join other industries where they may be struggling or achieving well, but a vast majority of artists do struggle in their career because they do not generally find the platforms to gain recognition and get there work out there to a larger audience.

This is where Joelle is making a difference with her entrepreneurial pursuits. Holding exhibitions, selling art and running companies is one way to empower the community of artists around the world who are just looking for a platform which can cater to them.