Eliminate Acidity: Alakine Diet the Way Forward

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Maintaining a healthy pH balance in human body fluids and tissues is vital to keep the oneself healthy. PH essentially means maintaining a balanced amount of hydrogen ion concentration in our body.  Balanced amount of hydrogen means that the range of hydrogen ion concentration should fall within the range of1 to 14.Further, anyone with a range of 7 is considered to be neutral, whereas less than 7 is considered to be acidic, while more than 7 is considered to be alkaline. The alkalinity of blood fluids and tissues is often ignored by many, however there is a pressing need to reduce the acidity of the body as this its high concentration is leading to a number of health issues.

What Causes Acidity?

Until the evolution of the food industry, people were primarily dependent on fruits and organic foods for their diet. Post the evolution, many other processed foods full of fatty acids, high sodium saturated fat and meat came into existence. The intake of these processed foods has adverse effects on the health of human being specially women’s causing chronic diseases and inflammation. Further, these fast and processed food industries started producing in abundance and these are the cause of increasing acidity level.

Foods Causing Acidity

If you are also suspecting the problem of acidity and indigestion then there is need to review the diet and limiting food high in acid content. This can be done by eating only those food that have ph within the range of 7.35 to 7.45. But before following the proper diet, it is better to understand which all foods are triggering acidity in the body.

The first and foremost is sugar which is the main reason for many of the recurring problems in the body including acidity. Some of the others include, dairy products, grain, processed meat, fish and food rich in high protein and supplement.

Alkaline Diet the Way Forward

Following an alkaline diet is the key to longevity and will help fight chronic diseases. The main rationale behind eating alkaline food is that they help balance the ph level and are easily adsorbed in the body through the kidneys. By following the alkaline diet will not only improve the body function but has life changing benefits.

Some of the best alkaline foods include fresh fruits and vegetables, green leafy vegetables, nuts, salads, health oils like olive oil and food rich in water. Keeping body hydrated is even essential as it helps maintain the vital stats of our body. Further, foods such as berries, apple, citrus rich fruits, fermented tofu, mushroom, avocados and broccoli among many dietary fibres also form an essential part of the alkaline diet.

Advantages Galore from Alakine Diet

Alakine rich diet is the solution to attain a healthy pH with an ideal range of 7-8. By consuming these food, a number of benefits can be reaped,some of which include-:

  • The ability to prevent, relieve and heal the body againstchronic illness such as cancer, problems related to digestion, diabetes and inflammation. It helps strengthen the immune system which in turn prevents against all illness.
  • Another major benefit from consuming alkaline food is that it protects women against Osteoporosis. Too much alkalinity in one’s body reduces bone density. These foods help in maintaining high bone density.
  • Vitamin D is always found to be deficient in women’s body. This vitamin is very essential to absorb calcium and help bones grow. However, acidic foods degrade the level of vitamin D. To this end, alkaline diet full of fruits rich which are rich in fibre will definitely help.
  • Low levels of vitamin D causes accumulation of calcium in urine. This is a major cause of kidneys stones. Therefore, following an alkalinediet will eventually prevent kidney problems.
  • Muscle spasm is another common issue found in women. This is mostly related to skeleton muscles which get easily fatigued due to dehydration or abnormalities related to electrolytes. In such a scenario, acidic foods further aggravate the situation. This is where alkaline foods are most beneficial.
  • Alkaline diet also helps preserve the muscle mass which otherwise deteriorates as we age. This deterioration leads to osteoporosis and it can be averted if we include green food in our diet.

The benefits that accrue from alkaline diet are aplenty. It is always advisable to eat alkaline rich diet but at the same time eliminating the acidic food completely is also not the case. A moderate consumption of other food will not harm severaly.