Experience Indian History As You Walk Through The British Raj Era Bungalows and Churches

Experience Indian History As You Walk Through The British Raj Era Bungalows and Churches

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There is hardly a thought that beats the idea of spending a fun holiday in one of the heritage cities in India, where the crumbling buildings remind you of the colonial past, old churches and cathedrals testify the influences that the British made on religion, restaurants and cuisines that still retain the eating habits of the former rulers, and a leisurely walk down old streets and lanes hits you with the feel that you have somehow traveled back in time. Although, the quaint hill stations and sun-swept beach destinations lure backpackers, yet nothing compares to the bewitching allures of the old world charm that exists in the medieval cities. Kolkata, the former capital of the country during the British Raj era, is one of the most sought-after destinations in the country for spending a memorable holiday, while one explores the old posh bungalows, very old buildings that are today used as government offices, and several iconic monuments that were built during the British Raj era and today, are the most known attributes of the city.

The economic hub and the capital of West Bengal, Kolkata is also widely popular as the cultural capital of India. It continues to remain the nurturing centre of litterateurs, thinkers, poets, writers, artists, etc., which is a long-lasting tradition that distinctively identifies with the city. A place full of jolliness that earned it the sobriquet of the “city of joy”; a place where locals do not get tired talking about politics; a place where fish and rice are the staple diets; a place where football is as popular as cricket; a place where Goddess Durga and her avatar Kali are worshipped ardently – these are the pictures that are rendered automatically in the mind whenever there is a mention of the city.

Tourism is one of the prime industries here. The increase in the influx of the travelers has resulted in an increase in the number of hotels and tour and travel companies. Finding an ideal hotel that suits your budget as well as your stay priorities is an easy task. Hotel Times International, Hotel Arya International, Roland Hotel, Shivangan Hotel, etc. are to name some of the most popular budget hotels in Kolkata. Beside, individuals seeking cheap accommodation may consider picking from Green View Hotel, Kenilworth Hotels, Hotel Meghdoot, and Hotel Airways.

Tourist attractions in Kolkata give a glance of the city, its culture, its past as well present. They are simply not meant to be skipped or missed. One of the popular attractions here that you are expected to visit is the Academy of Fine Arts. Enthusiasts of fine art are certain to find the place amusing. It is one of the oldest fine arts societies in the country and was established in 1933. Although the place is loaded with amazing illustrations and art pieces, but the popular attractions to look forward to include: Shiva with Ganesh and Saat bhai champa. If possible, take some time out of your tour schedule and visit the theater auditorium of the Academy of Fine Arts and enjoy some top-notch dramas and performances.

There are several other interesting tourist attractions and allures in the city that can be explored once you arrive at the city. Put your travelling shoes on; pack the backpacks; book train tickets; book room from the Kolkata hotels list, and get going to the city.