Firass Abbass, An Epitome Of Self-made Entrepreneur

Firass Abbass, An Epitome Of Self-made Entrepreneur

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Is the rise in young entrepreneurship a trend, or is it here to stay? Today’s youth is already sturdy at work. There is no doubt that the new century has seen a sharp rise in young people creating their own careers, and taking alternative routes through education and into working life. We have been lucky enough to speak with one of Lebanon’s most successful young entrepreneurs to date. This young man has demonstrated that with firm determination and hard work, you can make your dream a reality in this new world of opportunity.

Firass Abbass is an impressive example of a young entrepreneur who truly built his own triumph. Coming from a working-class family in a small town in Lebanon, Mr. Abbass revealed that his humble origins had been a crucial contributor to his success. Often, young, self-made entrepreneurs, like Firass, see and therefore operate a business uniquely, prioritizing to understand, communicate, and acknowledge their team and clients alike. Also, a multi-linguist, Mr. Abbass insists that his marketing company’s immediate success was due to the network of contacts and good relationships he had naturally built overtime, being someone who had worked in various industries. He firmly believes that he learned the most important and valuable lessons to be the best leader he could be while he was working for other people, way before he became CEO of his own company. This journey, and the kind of growth gained from this journey, he believes, would not have been possible if he had not come from his humble origins in North Meryata, Lebanon.

Firass even goes the extra mile to claim that he owes much of his success, ironically, from the fact that he did have to work his way up and was not born with a silver spoon. He is confident that his company will benefit from the fact that he was from modest roots, rather than being handed everything on a plate. He worked with determination to then be able to send himself to University to study marketing and business and has since moved to one of the world’s most fast-paced and advanced cities in the world, Dubai, where he is beginning to fulfill his dreams of being a successful young entrepreneur.

Firass Abbass is now CEO of The Kingsmen Group, a holding group based in Dubai that was born out of his passion for marketing and communication. The Kingsmen Agency, the Group’s marketing branch, was the first venture and has proven to have immediate success. Already working with some of Dubai’s top brands and companies, The Kingsmen Agency is becoming one of the leading marketing agencies in the region. It is exciting to see the ambitious nature of new generations that take risks, as more and more young adults are choosing to create their opportunities and follow their passions in the pursuit of doing what they love. Those who have come to be termed ‘self-made’ entrepreneurs are essential as they are both symbols of inspiration for the next generations and possess particular and unique qualities that could only come from humble beginnings. This leads to a whole new type of leadership in business, being grounded, customer-centric, and transparent. For us, Firass Abbass is definitely one to follow when it comes to young and successful entrepreneurs…