Top Secret: 7 Less-Known (but Amazing) Spots Of Dubai

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In recent years, Dubai has gained a big popularity among travelers around the world. In Dubai you can see so many unique things– the world’s tallest tower and hotel, constructed on the artificial island in the Persian Gulf. In fact, the city has dozens of amazing and fabulous places, which are worth to be seen and visited!

However, if you have already seen all the major sights of Dubai or you are just curious to visit the places that you haven’t heard of before, then now you have a chance to check out seven sights in Dubai that you might include into the exploration program of the next trip to this gorgeous place!

Al Bastakiya district

Al Bastakiya @ Bur Dubai

It is the oldest part of the city, where once all the active life of Dubai was concentrated. Nowadays the district is a historical monument, one of the major sights of the city.

Here you can visit the museums, wander along the narrow streets of the old Dubai, visit souvenir shops, drink a cup of tea in a cafe, or dine at the restaurant. If you come to Al Bastakiya in the evening you will witness a fascinating spectacle: it will get dark and all the buildings will be beautifully illuminated from the inside and the outside.

National Mushrif Park

Being the largest park of Dubai, it is located 15 km from the city center. Various kinds of trees, shrubs and flowers growing around the Emirates are collected on the area of the park.

In this largest and the oldest park you can visit the International Village, which displays the architecture of different cultures and countries. It is even allowed to tour the park with your own car, as the area of the park is huge. The park has many playgrounds and other amusement possibilities for children.

Hatta Rock Pools

Natural pools Hatta

Owing to cool and dry climate, mountain scenery, natural pools and waterfalls, this place has become popular for a weekend getaway.

Hatta Rock Pools are situated among the Al Hajar Mountains. Stormy flows of the rainwater and swift mountain streams have paved a maze of canyons, waterfalls and dams, which is now a beautiful mountain oasis surrounded by hot desert. Here you can splash in the turquoise water and admire the amazing views around. Isn’t it a great place to relax during the holidays?

Although Hatta Rock Pools are difficult to get to, the place is definitely worth a visit.  You’d better go there by using a rental car in Dubai. Besides, with a rental car, the other attractions in Dubai will be also easily accessible to you!

The diving village

Diving Village @ Heritage Village @ Bur Dubai

This open-air museum is situated in Al Shindagha district.

Once you come to the village, it is necessary to visit the summer home of the Bedouin, which consists entirely of branches and trunks of date palms. Among the museum exhibits there are many archaeological findings like bronze weapons, jewelry and household items, discovered in the outskirts of the modern city during the excavation.

In a small village market, local potters, blacksmiths, craftsmen and weavers offer their goods which are in a big demand among tourists. Moreover, some goods may be produced right before your eyes.

Falcon Heritage Center

Falconry is an integral part of the desert life and for centuries it has been a famous sports and pastime for the Arabs. Owing to the speed, vigilance, ease of taming and intelligence a falcon has often been used for hunting. In the old days it was the necessity. Nowadays falconry is a prestigious and spectacular entertainment.

Owing your own falcon is the best indicator of the high status and well-being among the Arabs. At the Falcon Heritage Center you will see the birds trained for hunting, and even will be able to hold one of them on your hand. At the shops you can buy accessories for falconry and even a bird itself.

Souk Madinat Jumeirah

Since the time of opening this modern shopping center conventionalized as traditional market and built in the center of a large resort, attracts the locals and visitors with its unique atmosphere. The surrounding fuss and gaiety blend harmoniously with the scents of cafes and expensive restaurants.

Here you can buy goods of the world famous companies, as well as craftsmen’ produce. Madinat Jumeirah market is crowned with wind towers, the evening light of which illumines everything, including the adjacent winding canals and gorgeous outdoor cafes. So, no wander why the market attracts such a great number of visitors!

Dubai Miracle Garden


If you want to know how one of the world’s biggest flower gardens looks like, you definitely have to come to Dubai Miracle Garden.

You can walk along the park paths, enjoying a luxurious aesthetic spectacle and inhaling the scent of this amazing multi-faceted floral kingdom.

The garden represents a palette of 60 different colors and shades, reminding a picture from children’s book. Taking into consideration that the garden is surrounded by desert it looks especially amazing!

Dubai 2012

As you can see, it is impossible to get bored in Dubai, because there are not only a lot of exciting entertainments, but also an uncountable number of places which might be of a big interest for curious tourists. And no matter when you decide to come to Dubai, this place will always provide you with a fabulous sense of nature and magic of the East with its culture and timeless traditions!

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