Fun Party Theme Ideas

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So you have chosen to host a party. If you have then you are going to want your party to stand out. To do that you will need to carefully consider both the theme and the location. The location is particularly important as it can help make or break your party. Choose a location that really makes your theme stand out.

A popular location for Christmas parties and other kinds of parties is in Cheshire. There are plenty of Christmas party venues in Cheshire to choose from that will cater to all your needs. Here is a list of interesting ideas to make your party stand out.

The Ugly Jumper Party

Christmas is a time for gifts and sometimes those gifts come in the form of Christmas jumpers. Quite often these jumpers are itchy, ugly and just plain stupid. No one would willingly wear one to be fashionable. You can guarantee that most people will have one lurking somewhere in the back of their wardrobe, so why not have a party theme centred on that.

For this theme, your guests should find themselves a Christmas themed jumper to wear to the party. The uglier the better. You could even give you prizes for the worst jumper. Anyone who doesn’t show up wearing one will not be able to get away with it. Have a box of spare jumpers and offer them out to anyone who isn’t wearing one.

The Silly Hat Party

Similar in idea to the ugly jumper party, the silly hat invites your guests to make a hat at home. The challenge is to make it both Christmassy and as silly as possible, so for example you could have a Santa hat, but rather than a traditional one, you would make it silly by adding random decorations. Or you could just let the guests use their imaginations and see what they come up with.

A Christmas Masquerade Ball

Fun Party Theme Ideas

Masquerades are always fun. It’s a great excuse to dress up in fancy clothes and adding a mask to the mix creates a sense of mystery and elegance. You can either buy a mask, or find plenty of tutorials online that will show you how to make a mask that is perfect for your party. When decorating for a masquerade you need to be thinking of extravagance. Harlequin patterns, theatre masks and anything that gives a sense of class.

Music is also an important factor of a masquerade. There is no point in planning for one if you haven’t got the right kind of music. This is a great opportunity to hire a live band. Have a look online to see the kinds of music that is best suited for a masquerade ball. You will find it is usually orchestral. When choosing a place to host your masquerade ball, look no further than Cheshire. There is already a sense of class and sophistication which can be found in all of the Cheshire Hotels located in the area.

A Winter Wonderland

Most people would argue that it isn’t Christmas without snow. Although snow isn’t always guaranteed, when most people think of Christmas, the two always go hand in hand when picturing a magical Christmas scene. If it hasn’t snowed yet then why not take the opportunity to have your party venue decorated to look like a winter wonderland scene.

Use white draping, fairy lights, ice sculptures and glittering snowflakes and if you want to be extra Christmassy, why not create a miniature grotto. This party theme is also good for some interesting food ideas. Try to stick to silvery or white foods that remind your guests of snow and winter.

Christmas Murder Mystery Christmas Party

Now here is something completely different. Why not go against tradition and host a murder mystery party. At these types of parties, guests are split into teams. Each guest is given a character they must act out throughout the event.

The general premise is that one of your guests has been murdered and it is up to everyone there to work out who the murderer is. There are plenty of downloadable scripts online for you to choose a story from, or you can make up your own. Either way it’s different, as well as a great deal of fun if done right.

The best thing about these types of parties is that you won’t need to provide extra entertainment as the mystery itself forms the main entertainment. Guests will be so wrapped up in the story and their characters that you won’t need to do anything else!