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Getting Ready: A Man’s Guide to Going Out

3 mins read

Getting ready to go out can be nerve-wracking. If you’re getting ready for a date, a bit of anxiety is natural, but even for more innocuous social events, worries are common. Even if you’re not one of the 20% of people suffering from a diagnosable anxiety disorder, it’s only natural to feel a little edge of worry when you’re getting ready to head out for the night. It’s what makes it exciting: anything could happen! That’s what makes your adrenaline surge.

The key to reasserting control over your galloping emotions could be in how you get ready. Today we’re presenting a short guide to getting ready for an evening out so you can feel relaxed and confident, and ready to impress when you leave the house.

Dressing for the Occasion

One way to make sure you’re feeling confident is making sure you’re dressed appropriately for the occasion. Walking out the front door, you need to feel comfortable in your skin, and in your clothes, and know you’re walking into a situation looking the part.

If you’re not sure what to expect from the event try a little research, and a little common sense. If you’re meeting someone for a date, look up the venue you’ve chosen. Pictures and the website should give you a good idea of whether you should be looking at the smart or the casual end of the smart casual spectrum.

Of course it also depends on the impression you want to make on the people you’re meeting – you might want to impress a date with your sartorial flair, in which case dressing up a little may give you a little confidence boost. On the other hand, it may help you to relax to dress down a little so you feel more comfortable and let your personality speak for yourself, rather than hiding behind your clothes.

Little Luxuries

It can help to boost your confidence to a little luxury when you’re getting ready. Whether that’s enjoying a glass of single malt when you’re dressing, or applying a luxury cologne after a traditional wet shave, taking the time to enjoy a favoured luxury helps to relax the mind and boost your confidence prior to whatever exciting social event you have on the cards that evening. Having a favoured cologne means you’ll be surrounded by an aura of confidence where you go!