Granuloma: The Best Treatment Methods Out There.

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Granuloma is a term used to refer to an unnatural growth in the body, either on the skin or underneath, inside the body. The granuloma is actually an inflammation caused due to the action of the immune system. Macrophages, which are component cells of the immune system wall off any objects they deem as foreign or harmful to the body; this results in the growth called a granuloma. The immune cells wall off the substance because it is unable to absorb and eliminate it; therefore, granulomas may be formed due to a variety of causes, ranging from harmful bacteria and fungi to keratin and suture fragments.

Granuloma: The Best Treatment Methods Out There.

Granulomas may be of many types, one common type being pyogenic granulomas. They are blood red in color, and have a round shape. Bleeding also occurs at the site due to the presence of a large number of blood vessels within the granuloma. Granulomas can occur in anyone, irrespective of the age of physical condition. However, it is more commonly seen in children and young adults for reasons unknown. Granulomas are also benign, and are rarely painful; they are non-cancerous outgrowths.

The best method of treatment of granulomas is its removal, If you live in Hyderabad then undergoing a granuloma excision surgery in Hyderabad might turn out to be a wise choice. The chances of recursion are minimized, with the surgical procedure. The doctor usually identifies the outgrowth for what it is by simple physical inspection, but he/she may take samples of the growth for further tests. These tests help the doctor confirm that the growth is indeed a benign granuloma, and not a malignant growth like the ones found in carcinoma or melanoma.

When it comes to treatment of the granuloma, the doctor takes into account the size of the growth. For small outgrowths, no treatment is required; they usually go away on their own, so they are best left untouched. However, for larger granuloma, the best treatment is to surgically remove the growth.


In most cases, scraping of a granuloma is enough to remove it. The growth is scraped away by the doctor, using a tool called the curette. The surrounding skin and blood vessels are then cauterized, so as to prevent any open vessels or regrowth of the granuloma. This also prevents any bleeding on the site. The area is then dressed, so as to keep it dry and free of any infection. The dressing needs to be changed every day, until the wound heals completely. Signs of infection during the healing process include swelling, pain, fever and discharge from the wound itself.

Complete removal is the alternative to cauterization, although the procedure is a more invasive one. The entire granuloma is surgically removed, and stitches are used to close the open wound at the location. This process is carried out by granuloma excision surgeons in Hyderabad only if the growth recurs after cauterization, since it is more invasive, and potentially more risky than scraping. Alternative surgical methods involve using chemicals or laser to remove the outgrowth. The patient may be discharged from the hospital right after the surgery, unless complications occur during the process.

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