Great Ways To Decorate Your Interiors With Pastels

Great Ways To Decorate Your Interiors With Pastels

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No longer reserved for children’s rooms and nurseries, pastel colors are finally having a moment and as it seems they are here to stay for longer period of time. There’s something so comforting about these colors and we are so excited that we can add that relaxed feel to our living space, kitchen and any other room in our home. Artwork, accessories, pillows, vases or frames are an easy way to test out a pastel shade instead of having to commit to it in an entire room.

Sometimes a pop of color can be more powerful in a neutral space, so don’t overdo it either. Whether you are thinking of adding some pastel touches to your textiles, or giving your interiors a complete makeover, here are some ideas to get creative and successfully decorate your interior with pastels.


For decades, there were only black, beige and white kitchen appliances. Today, there is almost every color available for your oven, stove and refrigerator, and even more varieties for appliances like stand mixers, blenders, etc. Pastel appliances are a wonderful way to transform your boring cooking space to an inspiring one.


There is something so relaxing about pastels for your spaces that you want to escape from the world in. To keep a more masculine edge in your bedroom or bathroom, consider mixing darker color hard surfaces like dark tiles and hardwood floors to create a balance among the two color spectrums.


The easy versatility of these colors is the ability to blend with natural materials like seagrass, rattan, wood floors, wood paneling and more in your interior design. Lighter colored woods such as bamboo, white oak and lighter maple can perfectly compliment your pastel decorations. To create a contrast, opt for rich cherry wood. This shade look great in a combo with peach and pink colors. Deep brown or mahogany colored stains also look fascinating in a combo with pastel green, blue or yellow.


Whether you have some ideas or your own or you love perusing Pinterest for the best DIY ideas – there are an infinite number of pastel paint inspired projects out there. From painting your dining chairs in your favorite pastel shades to making a pastel lamp, your own custom touches will make your space fabulous. Look through your home and think about what could be painted.

Extra Tip:

Everyone gets a spark of inspiration from different sources. Go to your local candy store or visit the nearest botanical garden. You will be surprised how pastel colors are all around us on a daily basis. Decide which room you want to tackle with these soft colors and let your creativity run wild.

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