Healthy Diet: Food You Should NEVER Eat Before Flight

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Business trip doesn’t take much time but needs much attention. Of course, you have to pack everything in the best way, book a hotel, find a place of your conference quickly, and rent a car to get through the city. Go this website and you can solve problems with your transport. Then, try different mobile apps to book and pay online to catch the cheapest price. As far as all organization moments are solved you should think of making your trip maximum comfortable.

Let’s touch the topic of your healthy eating when you are on the go. No, it’s not a problem to find a good place to eat in the city when you are driving. Just stop the car at any interesting and reliable cafe or restaurant. What about airport terminals and food in a plane? Airport cafes aren’t popular as the cleanest and healthiest eateries. High sugar and high calorie dishes are always overpriced. But look attentively, almost all airport terminals have a shop, selling something healthier than sandwiches and chips. You can find a packaged milk, cereal, nuts, yogurt, fruits. There are products you should avoid before the flight. What are they?

Distinct Shape - Onion


Garlic and onion

Obviously, your morning chicken sandwich with onion was good and juicy but you shouldn’t eat it before the flight. Onion contains allylmethyldisulphides that cause that specific onion breath. You can feel it up to 24 hours. If you have a sudden flight, you should avoid eating onions, garlics, and other smelling products. But if you have already had a garlic sandwich before the flight, you should eat some mint or apples. They can help for some time.

Alcohol drinks

Are you afraid of flights? It happens people feel really scared to go on board. Alcohol can help to relax. Be careful. Height changes are often stressful for your organism. Drinking alcohol causes dehydration, high blood pressure, and anxiety.

Dried fruits

Of course, dried fruits look amazing and really tasty. Also, it is a kind of healthy snack. But you should stay away from eating dried fruits if you have asthma. Dried fruits contain sulfites that cause asthma attacks.


Naturally, people drink coffee in the airport when they are waiting for the flight. Is that good? Let’s clear it out. A cup of coffee contains about 475 mg caffeine. It was scientifically approved that caffeine acts as a strong diuretic agent. Also, too much coffee makes you feel bad. Definitely, you don’t you’re your flight becomes a bio break one after another.




If you are going to have a tasty salad with dorblu for dinner, you’d better miss it. This sort of cheese can be very problematic to eat for allergic passengers, especially when you suffer from milk allergy. It is not a good idea have a respiratory depression on the board.

Nuts and peanut oil

Nuts is a good snack. You can buy it in the airport cafe or even on the board of your plane. But if you or a person next to you has a nuts allergy, you shouldn’t even think of opening a nuts pack. Different airlines have different methods to solve this problem. You can read it on Allergy Safe Travel. Honestly, if you have some health problems, let your airline know about it.

Pistachios, chips and peanuts with a can of beer



If you like salami sandwiches, you’d better to eat them after the flight but not before. According to the nutrition science, salami contains much histamine. If you are in stress or flying anxiety, you may have respiratory problems. Feeling hungry? You can try a turkey sandwich.

Tap water

If the airline offers you hot drinks made of tap water, it is better to buy a bottle of water and drink it safely. There are strict water regulation rules that all air companies should follow. According to these rules, air companies are obliged to check their water systems for enteric bacteria every five years. Hot drunks are made of boiled water but it is better to buy a bottle of safe water from the shop.

Chipotle Burrito


Beans, peas

Beans and peas are rich in fiber and very useful but they are not good to eat before the flight. Why? Atmospheric changes often cause an excessive gas in your intestinal tract. If you eat beans and feel flatus here below, you can imagine how you will suffer in flight. Besides, it is not comfortable for other passengers to seat next to you. So, try to avoid eating burrito in the airport cafe.

People always try to make their flight pleasant. They drink alcohol to relax or take much coffee to cheer up. Of course, nobody will stop you from doing what you want. Nevertheless, try to make your flight pleasant for you and for all people around. You must admit that it is not a pleasant thing to sit next to a drunk person or a person with a onion breath.