Bulking Up Your Workout Routine

3 mins read

If your exercises are no longer producing the desired effect, you might be stuck in a rut. Old routines may no longer be helping you increase your strength, only keeping you at a certain level. Of course, you don’t want to stagnate. You should make your exercises all about constant improvement.

Bulking Up Your Workout Routine

Stick to the Plan

Since a successful exercise program requires frequent modification, a plan should be made beforehand. This will make it easier to keep track of all the changes. As for how to keep it varied, you can switch between cycling and running, say, on a monthly basis. Changing the order of your strength exercises every week and working different groups of muscles on different days is another strategy you can try. These are just some examples.

What You Eat, What You Drink

Regular water intake is very important, since it’s not enough to load up a few minutes before you start working out. Bring your own water bottles to avoid subconsciously cheating by going to the water fountain too often, thereby wasting your exercise time. For building up energy for your muscles to work with, you’ll want a carb-rich diet. It is important to take a lot of protein, ridiculous amounts. Fitness supplements will help your body learn to take what it needs from all those protein-heavy dishes.

Get Fierce

Research shows that an intense 30-minute workout is more beneficial than a moderate hour-long one. Beginners should start out slow, adding resistance gradually. Free weights are generally more effective than gym machines, as they require the use of your stabilizing muscles. Also, you should release your muscles as slowly as you contract them, as this will give you a better workout. Once you feel you’ve grown in strength, remember that fewer repetitions with heavier weights are preferable to more repetitions with lighter ones. Drop sets are another useful technique.

Mixing It Up

Because it is advisable to work out continuously, without long pauses, it helps if you keep your exercises from becoming monotonous. Make sure to follow an exercise for one group of muscles with the one for a different group. Remember that some muscles benefit from exercises involving slow movements, while others require quick, sudden movements, so incorporate both types into your program. Also, while strength workouts and cardio benefit the body in different ways, a cardio set can be incorporated within a weight-lifting set to stimulate the metabolic processes.

These techniques take time to show their full effects, so be patient. Whenever you can, avoid exercising alone. Working out is easier with a partner or in groups, as you can always urge each other on when you feel like giving up.