High Tech Packing List For Your Beautiful Face!

6 mins read

There are many portable beauty gadgets you always take with you. It can be anything you can’t live without, including a dermal roller and your new acne mask. As a rule you keep all your beauty gadgets at home and use them almost every day. Going for a trip, you try to take them all with you. Of course, everyone wants to look great at the travel pictures! Also, there is nothing more important for a woman that a fresh healthy look. How do you pack? What beauty gadgets do you usually take with you?



One tries to be a minimalist and takes a lipstick and a foundation only. Others need more space in the car to pack everything they need for skin, hair, and body care. As a result, their cosmetic bags are different. What about your bag? What car size is enough for you? Car rental in Dallas Love Field has the widest choice of cars of all sizes. It becomes so easy to decide which car to pick with the help of car rental apps available from your smartphone. Have you already picked the car? So, it is the right time to make a list of beauty gadgets you are going to take with you.


  • Lips and cheeks

If you want your lips look rosy and natural, you probably need 2 in 1 lipstick. It gives you more benefits that a usual lipstick and more dramatic look.

  • Face

What do you usually need to make up your face? Of course, you need a foundation and a powder for a perfect look. Luckily, you can save some space and buy a kind of dual finish for your makeup. It can be dry or wet, but long lasting. When traveling for long hours, you may need to hide those dark circles under your eyes.

  • Eyes

Do you need anything for your eyes, except for a makeup foundation? Of course, a liner and eye shadows will make a perfect look for you restaurant dinner and even for everyday life. Let it be waterproof.




  1. Neutrogena Mask

It is important to take care of your skin when traveling. You can find many different face care gadgets from different popular brands. Pay attention to Neutrogena SkinScanner. It is made in form of a small tiny mirror which you can put over your skin area. The gadget is connected to your smartphone to investigate your skin and realize what it really needs. There is one more interesting function. The gadget investigates 6 main facial zones in details for fine lines, pore size, and moisture level. Then, you receive the results on your smartphone and take all the necessary steps to moisturize or conditioner your skin. What is more, the application analyses your main facial lines and gives advices on how to fit them.

  1. Dermal Roller

The first skin roller was created by German dermatologist Ernst Kromayer. That smart device should be applied on scars or pigmentation zones to make your skin smooth and soft. Modern rollers look different and even work in different way. One of its functions is microneedling generation. How does it work? In short, the roller’s work is based on stimulating your skin to produce collagen and elastin. As you know, collagen is important to remove wrinkles and flappy skin. There are simple rules on how to use your dermal roller. You have to clean your skin with a special cleaning lotion before you roll it. Using a roller, try to be soft and gentle, working vertically, horizontally and diagonally.



  1. Facial Massager

This massages works similar to the previous beauty gadget. Shortly, it works on your face contour, skin tone, deep wrinkles. Traditionally, face massages were a kind of effective treatment. You badly need this gadget if you feel like you are tired of long driving and need to put everything back to order. After using a portable massager you can find your skin in a good color and a restoring condition. You can use your portable massager every day, at home or in the office.

There are many different beauty gadgets you should take with you. Most of the smart devices you have at home are not good for traveling. But others are recommended to apply systematically to refresh your look. They can hardly give you a long lasting effect but you may use one or another smart device occasionally. You don’t need to mask your problems if you have any. Just read the list of the most popular skin-care devices and pick what you like the most. You shouldn’t forget to fill your cosmetic bag with multifunctional gadgets and devices to save some space for food or clothes. Remember, never use your devices when you are driving. It is better to stop the car and relax afterwards in the hotel room.