Hotel Booking Faqs

Hotel Booking Faqs

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Booking a hotel sounds easy as long as you don’t get into doing it yourself.  The innumerable deals, promotions and packages make the whole process all the more complicated. To  do hotel bookings wisely, it is best to rely on a good travel site and do a comparative study or prices, amenities, location, room tariff and reviews.

Some of the most frequently asked questions at the time of hotel bookings are:

Q. What are the Different Types of Rooms that are Available?

A.  The types of room available in hotels differ from hotel to hotel. Some of the popular categories are executive, deluxe, family suites or executive suites, etc. Some hotels also categorise their rooms according to the location, such as sea-facing or ones with the garden or terrace.  So, ask the hotel about the types of rooms before booking.

Q.  What Documents do I Require at the Time of Check-in?

 A. To adhere to the hotel guidelines, the guests are required to present any valid photo identity proof that has a complete residential address in it, such as driving license, passport, Aadhar card or Voter ID card. Foreign nationals, on the other hand, may need to present their passport and a visa at the time of check-in.

Q. What are the Amenities and Services Offered at the Hotel?

A. The amenities provided by a hotel depend on the type of hotel. The amenities provided by a 5-star hotel will obviously be more and better than those provided by a 3-star hotel. Some basic amenities offered by many hotels include wi-fi, room service, and housekeeping. Luxury hotels offer amenities like spa, gym, conference room, laundry services and car rentals to name a few. These services may vary from hotel to another.

Hotel Booking Faqs

Q.  Are there any Special Offers on Bookings Currently?

A.  If there are any special offers available, they will be put on the website of the hotel or travel sites where the hotels are listed. So to gain maximum benefits, do check if any offers are currently available. Don’t forget to ask for complimentary breakfast.

Q. Can I get an Extra Bed in the Double Room?

A. It depends on the hotel and their policies. There are a few hotels that clearly do not have any such policy. However, most hotels do provide an extra bed on an additional cost, which is quite reasonable.

 Q. What are the Policies for Cancellation of Hotel Bookings?

A. Most of the hotels have an easy and convenient way of canceling the hotel bookings but it does not come free. Not all the hotels refund the entire booking amount at the time of cancellation.  The policies vary from hotel to hotel.

Q.  Do Hotels Accept Discount Vouchers?

A. Hotels often come out with discount offers. They are advertised online and in magazines as well. Sometimes you can get huge discounts on bulk bookings when you are traveling in a large group or booking rooms for guests for a family wedding or business people.

There are innumerable questions that race through one’s mind during hotel bookings.  The best thing is to get all the answers before confirming the booking. After all, it is better to be safe and clear all the doubts in advance rather than to face disappointments or any kind of hassle later on!

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