How Emotional And Physical Abuse Affects A Child

How Emotional And Physical Abuse Affects A Child

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Child abuse is one of the most dangerous and important issue of the world, it has many negative effects that are long lasting in other words child abuse effects and spoils the entire life of a child. There are many issues that are affecting the human life, but child abuse is with the most hazardous. Society is modifying day by day, but this abuse is not vanishing from our society.

There are many types of child abuse, it includes all of that factors which affect a child mentally or physically it includes physical or sexual harassment, Emotional maltreatment, and neglecting a child. It results in the physical hazard or can even lead to the physiological effect like for example by any type of child abuse a child stops talking for the entire life because of that fear and harm. Two types of child abuse are as follows:

Emotional Abuse:

The emotional abuse includes all that factors that affects a child psychologically and it is mostly due to the social aspects that are affecting a child. It is known as the most common abuse because it is damaging most of the child and preventing the child from emotional abuse is a little bit difficult, because parents cannot be with their child for the whole day and night, and in a whole day a child faces many social aspects like schooling, playing outdoors and many other activities.

There are many bright chances that a child is emotionally abused by the parents themselves because some of the parents do not treat their child by being violent or sexually and physically abusive, but they harm their child by spoiling and ruining the emotions and feeling of a child. Some of the parents are busy in their routine that they do not properly care about their child and fulfill their own needs and requirements instead of concentrating on their child.

The other emotional abuse that can be done by most of the parents is that they hurt their child by aggression like for example, shouting on them or by restricting them, some of the parents try to bound their child and they do not realize that their results can be negative on the emotional and mental health of a child. The other most common abuse is emotional blackmail that is mostly done by the parents and the teachers.

Emotional abuse is not just occurring at home, children are emotionally abused by their teachers too, the thing to keep in mind is that there are two main characters that affect the life of child one is the parents and the other is teachers because the teacher is a healer and emotional and soul father of the child. The children’s can be emotionally abused by their friends too, because some of the children are very innocent and cannot defend themselves in case of ay fight or when the other child bully them the stay quiet but feels it inside.

Physical Abuse:

Physical abuse includes all that aspects that are hurting the child physically, but emotionally too. The both physical and mental abuse is interlinked with each other. The physical abuse includes hitting, slapping, and punching, striking, sexual harassment. Physical abuse is that factor which lefts its results for the entire life of a child and healing this pain is very difficult. Boys and girls both are affected by this abuse the responsible of this abuse can be their parents, teachers, friend or the other people with whom they interact in their life.

Signs of the Both Abuses:

  • A child looks and feels unhappy and stressed.
  • He or she feels frightened of something or respond in fear for many things.
  • Feels and face difficulty in studying.
  • Not able to make friends, or lose their courage to interacts with others.
  • Mal nutrition
  • Any pain, like physical or emotional pain.

Rebecca Burton is an author, she researched on the factors that are affecting a child, and she compared both of the abuses to make it clear to the parents and for the safety of children from these abuses. You can visit this website for further instance that is