How To Choose The Best Hurricane Protection Shutter For Our House?

4 mins read

It is important to know that we choose the best hurricane shutter for our house. Hurricane protection can be a necessity when our area is regularly subjected to intense weather. So, when there’s a hurricane warning, we should be able to have a much better peace of mind. It can be rather confusing to choose the best hurricane protection system for our house. It is important to be aware that once the hurricane strikes, we shouldn’t allow ourselves to get caught while choose the system for our house. The best time to choose a hurricane system is when it is temporarily calm, so we will have enough time to choose the best system and perform the proper installation method. There are different types of hurricane protection system can make our house more durable against intense wind. As an example, we may choose colonial shutters because it can be installed permanently and easily on any window of our house. The shutter should look quite pleasing and our house will have an amazing polished look.

It only takes a single person to latch and close colonial shutters effortlessly. This should be a good option for our family. This type of shutter can’t be used on doors, however it is important that we have the proper protection method for our house. We may also choose the roll down and roll type shutters to properly protect us against hurricane. This shutter can be installed just above the window and a proper installation method us by installing the shutter in an enclosed box above the window. When the hurricane is about to strike, we will only need to roll down the shutter and latch it, so we are able to properly seal off the window. It should be relatively easy to motorize this kind of window, but the cost can be rather significant. When it comes to hurricane protection, this kind of window is usually more expensive. Also, the shutter will not be operable during power outage, which could happen during bad weather. Even so, this shutter system should be effective and highly convenient for our house.

Accordion shutters should also be able to provide with proper protection against hurricane and they often come in a couple pieces. These shutters are often affixed on the window or door, on either side. With this kind of shutter, we should be able to get a unified visual look around our house. However, the visual appeal of the shutter may not be as good as other shutters. We may add extra key and lock to accordion shutters to deter break-in by burglars. It means that accordion shutters could become an additional security feature to protect our windows and doors. If we want to get a highly cost-effective option, we should choose the storm panel model, which is often made from lightweight aluminium panel. For a stronger option, we may also choose storm panel shutters that are made from heavier steel material. Even so, the lightweight aluminium variant should be durable enough to withstand high speed projectile during heavy storm.