Why You Need A Traffic Estimator Tool?

4 mins read

Keyword estimation is a significant task in any SEO effort and one of the factors that determine the quality of keyword is the estimated traffic. Estimated traffic of a keyword is equal to the number of people who seek specific keyword. This can be achieved if you have an accurate and credible keyword traffic estimator tool. The tool should become an integral part of your research effort. It means that the estimator should be based on the latest data. The traffic information should be based on the latest situation, so you can make more informed decision. In a SEO project, you shouldn’t use gut feeling and you need to rely on accurate data that can be guaranteed. Just because a single keyword seems like an obvious selection, it doesn’t mean that it’s the best keyword for you.

The traffic for that particular keyword can be huge, but the level of competition can be very intense, which makes it prohibitively expensive and time consuming to rank high with it. Even if you are doing a super job of optimizing your site, you may not get any decent traffic from a highly competitive keyword, because it’s hard enough to even get into the 3rd page of the search result. The keyword traffic estimator tool should also provide an estimation of competition. The simplest way to check the level of competition is to perform simple searches on search engines and you will know what websites that have already ranked high for specific keywords and keyphrases. You should be able to determine whether these top ranked websites have strongly entrenched the position and whether you have enough resources to dislodge them from that position.

The tool should provide you with a good set of keywords right from the beginning of your SEO projects. There are tools that you can choose for this purpose, such as the Google Adwords Traffic Estimator. The service is entirely free and you will be able to find out about the likely number of impression and click for each keyword. Based on your bid, you will know how much clicks you will get for a single session. The tool is actually designed to prepare a PPC campaign, but it should still provide you with enough data for SEO campaign. You will know whether there’s enough traffic for each keyword and whether there are enough relevant advertisers for specific keywords. You will need to spend much less time to deal with the task of determining how much budget that you should set up.

SEO should be seen as a type of marketing platform and without using the right tool, the process can be quite labor intensive and it’s even possible that you make wrong decisions, because you rely only gut feeling. After you have determined the number of keywords that you want to focus on, you should be able to create a landing page for each keyword. This will ensure that people who seek for each keyword will arrive to the most optimum landing page in your website.