How To Cope With A Car Accident While Traveling Abroad?

How To Cope With A Car Accident While Traveling Abroad?

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Sometimes while traveling we think renting a car is the best and the most convenient way to commute abroad. While it is true, but even a pro can get into trouble while driving an unfamiliar car in an unknown territory. We mean due to an accident or some other reason if your rented car is damaged, you might land in trouble. It’s a total buzz kill, but if you know certain things about such a situation you might get yourself out of the situation more quickly. Things like how to deal with the insurance coverage and certain other tips are covered in this article that might come in handy if (god forbid) you need to cope with a car crash while traveling abroad.

How To Cope With A Car Accident While Traveling Abroad?

Call Emergency

The very first and most important thing to be done in any car accident is to make sure everyone is safe. Check that everyone is safe. You need to call the local authorities immediately after the accident and ask for medical assistance if anyone is injured. Safety of the people traveling is the most important thing as the car can be replaced but not the people.

Report The Accident

It’s good if no one is injured and just the car is damaged. Since the damage is done, you will have to call the police. A police accident report will help you go through the insurance. You will also need to report the incident to your personal insurance agent and the car rental company. The car rental company can send you a replacement if the car is not in the position to be driven. They will also make plans for the repairs. You can also check online panel beaters in Australia.

Collect Evidence

Don’t forget to collect the evidence. Take photos on the spot of the accident, the position of the car, the make and model and color of the vehicles involved in it, the place of the accident, and registration plate information. Take notes of any and all the damage involved and the name of the drivers involved. Observe carefully and take notes on how the accident happened. Collect all the evidence and keep all the information to pass on to the insurance company and car Rental Company.

Know Your Coverage Limits And Limitations

Insurance coverage is tricky. Knowing your coverage limits will really pay. Usually there are many more complications when it comes to insurance if the car is rented. Your car insurance may or may not cover the damages to the rented car, depending on your insurance policy. You will be in a much better situation if you familiarize yourself with your own insurance policy and determine if you need additional insurance coverage before renting the car.

Contact Your Insurance Company

In case your insurance policy covers the damage to the rental car as well, contact your insurance agent and see what can be done. This will be really useful in case there is any other party involved as well as any medical bills. Check if you need to file the claim from there or wait until you get back home and about other formalities.

Your Credit Card Company Might Help

There are some credit card companies which nowadays offer car rental damage too. So check with your credit card company about the limitations on the coverage are. There is a time period for which the credit card would cover rentals. You could at least save few hundreds if not thousands.

Know When You Should Pay Extra

In case the damage done to the car is too much and the car has to stay at the panel beaters you might have to pay that extra rental too for that many days while the car is being repaired. There are some rental companies which will have you pay for any and all the damages done to the car collision, rollover, theft or tire damage. You might also be liable to pay for the additional charges of towing, storage and depreciation in value of the car.

Knowing your level of insurance coverage and its limitations before renting a car is most important in dealing with any sort of accident. Let’s just hope it never comes to that.