How to Deal With Speeding Ticket

4 mins read

Getting a speeding ticket is a sure-fire way for ruining your day. It’s something that happens to many people. If you receive the ticket, you should work hard to do things properly. Here are things you should do:

  • Be polite: When the police officer pulls over the car, he/she is anxious as well. There have been cases of criminals simply shoot the police officer, because the car was stolen or they keep illegal stuff inside the car. The officer will determine whether you present a possibility of danger. In this case, you need to be polite and treat the police officer with respect. If you treat the officer like a jerk, the officer will remember you during the court appearance and it’s not a good situation. Despite your mishap, you can still make a somewhat good first impression. You can start by admitting your mistake and don’t argue about it.
  • Negotiate for a warning ticket: If you are polite and behave properly, actually there’s a chance that the officer will be more lenient towards you. If you see that the police officer seems to be comfortable with you, you shouldn’t hesitate asking for a warning ticket instead.
  • Write down detailed account: You should take the time to write down detailed accounts about the accident. Make sure that you are being honest and the police officer can tell if you are lying, especially if the officer saw it with his/her own eyes. You should also include other details, such as time of the day, vehicles that were around you, road conditions, light conditions and others. In some cases, you can prove your innocence.
  • Hire a lawyer: Even if you are proven for making mistake, you still need to have an attorney who can represent you. Without legal helps, you can be in a worse condition. You should be able to benefit from the legal training and experience of the attorney.
  • Delay the court date legally: In some states, the case can be dismissed if the officer doesn’t make court appearance. However, the situation can be really bad if you delay too long and it can be considered as a form of negligence.
  • Ask to dismiss the ticket: When you arrive at the courthouse, you may ask the officer to dismiss the ticket. Often, the officer will agree to dismiss the ticket, if the courtroom is busy and there are other important cases that need to be resolved.
  • Dress nicely: For your court appearance, you need to dress nicely. You should show proper respect to the local court system by dressing professionally. No flip flops or shorts.
  • Be respectful in the courtroom: You need to learn about basic courtroom manner, when replying to the judge, you should say “Yes, your honor” or “No, your honor”. Showing humility and respect could go a long way. You shouldn’t be argumentative and try to keep your cool. You need to present the case in a dignified and calm manner.
  • Be on time: You should try to show up on time and there are bad consequences if you fail to show up during your court date.