What To Do When You Are Being Questioned by the Police?

4 mins read

Eventually, you may have an encounter with the law enforcement officers. Most of the time, it’s about non-serious matter, but things can be quite tricky in other occasion. You should know that a seemingly trivial situation could develop into something more serious. Wrong interaction with the authority may actually wreck your lives. You should know that some police officers could play some mind games. As an example, the officer may say “if you’re not guilty or hide anything, why don’t you talk to us”. You shouldn’t fall for this tactic and it’s your right whether you want to talk with someone or not. In fact, many people are arrested because they talk too much. It’s not your duty to help police officers to convict you. A slight misdemeanour could end up becoming something serious if you are not careful. You need to prove your innocence and it’s a constitutional right. Even if you are guilty, it’s the job of the DA office and the court to determine that. It doesn’t mean that guilty people can get away with their crime, but wrong steps could cause you to be convicted for something less serious.

When a police officer is questioning you, you should act courteously, speak softly and be responsive. You should know when you say anything wrong, it could be used against you in the courtroom. You shouldn’t involuntarily give anything to the police officer. You should answer only if the officer asks you. It is your civic duty to assist the police officer, but it doesn’t mean that you can get yourself in trouble. When a police officer questions you, it’s important to find out whether you are being treated as a potential suspect or a witness. This can be quite tricky, because a witness could end up becoming a potential suspect, so you need to protect yourself first.

When in doubt, it’s your right to remain silent, because if you say anything improperly, it could be used against you. In this situation, you have the right to find an attorney, because your lawyer can be your only true friend. Police officers are your ally only if you are in trouble and you need help. Other than that, you should be wary and be careful with what you say. The DA can be your advocate, if he/she believes that you are innocent, but most of the time, it’s not the case. In fact, the DA may think that you are innocent, because you are not yet proven guilty.

You need to be careful, because you could be dealing with unfair enforcement officers who employ unfair tactics. There are rogue officers out there who don’t care whether someone is guilty or not. If you fall into their trap, you can be arrested and even convicted. This would be something the really ruin your lives. You shouldn’t allow your lives to get ruined by rogue cops. Read reports on how unfair procedures and tactics are employed by rogue police officers in your area.