How To Ease Into Being A Vegan

How To Ease Into Being A Vegan

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When one decides to transition into being a vegan, it should be understood the such a huge transition can’t be done overnight. Making little changes one at a time helps you get through. Make sure you go according to your pace and decide what works best for you. Here we give you some ideas and guidelines that will help you to ease into being a vegan.

Go vegetarian first:

While thinking about the transition, try to become a vegetarian first, try to remove all kinds of meat, fish, and poultry from your diet. Include more of the plant-based proteins in your diet. You must also start reading labels and ingredient list of the items you purchase. Check if they have gelatine, rennet etc in them and avoid buying such products.

Start reading Vegan magazines:

With the increasing popularity of a vegan lifestyle, a physical connection to the cause is essential. There is a lot of information out there on the internet that is accessible through the click of a button. But nothing ever replaces the joy of flipping through the glossy pages of a lifestyle magazine. An article dedicated to veganism in a magazine is a treat for vegans. Imagine the joy of reading a magazine that is entirely based on the cause! So, instead of rummaging through the pages on the lookout for a vegan based article, why not engage yourself in something that is entirely focussed on a practice you follow and preach?

Before you even think about transitioning into a vegan completely, make sure you have a good idea of what veganism is. This will make you more prepared for the lifestyle that you will have. Try to read as many vegan magazines as you can. They provide a different perspective, support, ideas which will make you more confident about your transition.

Add more:

When it comes to becoming a vegan, people have this notion how they are going to miss out on a lot of foodstuffs from their diet. Make sure you start adding beans, grains, nuts, seeds to your diet before you delete any of the things from your present diet.


While you are trying to ease into your vegan diet, start trying out different and new vegan recipes. You will come across many of the meals that will appeal to you and others you might find easy to prepare. This will showcase so many options that you might not have even known earlier. Start making simple switches, for example, replace dairy with almond or soy milk. Instead of cheese try using Nutritional yeast in your recipes.

Keep your motivation high:

Eating a plant-based diet is not what veganism is all about. It is a lifestyle that enables you to follow ethics and morals. Caring for animals is a crucial part of this fulfilling lifestyle. Reading magazines dedicated to vegans will make them feel like they are a part of a united community.

Being motivated is the most important step that will get you through your transition to veganism. At all point of times, remember why you really started.

Go Vegan completely:

Keep in check that you have cut down all of the animal products from your diet and have added whole grains, tofu, nuts, seeds, and beans. Some of the people find it easier to depend on vegan burgers, Cheese and hot dogs so that they don’t rush into being vegan and there is no looking back once the change is made.

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