How To Find Good Marble Supplier

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Marble is, by all accounts, a fairly precious material. The white, delicate, almost delectable texture and makeup of the mineral has made it sought-after since the days of antiquity, and its cultural associations aside, it’s just beautiful to work with. Made naturally, mostly of limestone and calcite with traces of other minerals, marble comes in many colors but is typically white as per

It’s also expensive. And aside from being expensive, there are nuances to sourcing good, quality marble, especially on a basis of location. Not everyone lives near a quarry, which makes it all the more important to focus on quality when looking for a good marble supplier in London, as an example.

If you work with companies like MKW Surfaces, you can look forward to getting quality marble. Otherwise, finding a marble supplier will mean:

Querying them about their source.

Right off the bat, a great marble supplier should be able to tell you exactly where their marble comes from, and at what rate. Knowing where your marble is sourced is important – you don’t want to work with a supplier who deals with a different company that delivers the marble to them, without them having a direct link to the environmental credentials and the quality control implemented at the quarry.

Getting marble out of the ground and into your kitchen or home is not an easy task – but there are a lot out there who prefer to take shortcuts than go through the right safety and environmental measures to produce their product.

Check their associations.

Good marble suppliers should also be well-connected, or belong to an association or organization of marble and masonry-related partners. There are several such associations locally, such as the, according to Stone Specialist, Kent-based Stone Federation of Great Britain, which is the flagship organization for stone-related matters in the country, or other related associations right in the EU.

Of course, not all suppliers are that well-connected. As such, your potential supplier should also come with the right credentials and accreditations, as a proper stone supplier should. Do they have their paperwork in order? Only then can you fully trust their quality.

They should be reputable.

This basically goes without saying, but there are plenty of ways through which a reputation can be improved or tarnished today – and with the Internet, it’s easier than ever to check up on what third parties have to say about marble suppliers, wherever they might be. It’s also very common for complaining customers to rant about their experiences online. 23% of people in general complain out of vengeance today, as per Our Social Times.

As such, be sure to look up your potential business partners in the marble industry through places like forums, social media groups and pages, and review websites and directories.

From there, a good next step is to look into how well you actually work with a supplier or contractor. If you want to use marble in your home, then look forward to a lengthy installation time – does the personality of your supplier suit you? Do you like their attitude, and experience? Are you comfortable with their services?

So long as you look into a potential supplier’s credentials, sources and reputation, you’ll have more than enough information to make a decision. Once you have a shortlist of great, reputable services, your next and final step is to make your choice on that all-important factor – cost.