How to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

How to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

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Finding a decent lawyer for handling your personal injury case can be quite difficult. It’s recommended that you search for an experienced attorney to help you get the settlement you deserve. If you want to hire an experienced attorney, you should contact David Irving Shiner. He is the General Counsel for the Palm Beach County Republican Party, and apart from handling personal injury cases, also handles business litigation. Here are some tips for hiring a personal injury attorney.

What level of availability do you expect from your lawyer?

Not all clients have the same need for availability and not all lawyers are ready to provide the same availability. Indeed, some customers tend to call their lawyers very frequently to “make news”, others are content with a simple email, information for the lawyer to inform them when an event occurs.

And conversely, according to their schedules and their characters, not all lawyers are ready for the same availability. So make sure when you entrust your file, that the degree of availability that you expect is compatible with the mode of operation of your lawyer. Beware, a request for too much attention will unnecessarily inflate the fees of the file (answering the phone is time spent), while it might have been enough to trust your lawyer to inform you every time major step of the file.

David Shiner’s law firm has operations in place, and a large staff, in order to meet each client’s specific legal needs.  So, if you are the client that wants constant guidance David Shiner’s firm will meet, and possibly exceed, your expectations.

What kind of relationship do you expect with your lawyer?

Having a healthy and pleasant relationship with your lawyer is essential.  But you must always remember – you also must have a very open and honest relationship with your attorney.  It is necessary to be able to explain all the ins and outs of your case to your lawyer. You have to be comfortable with who you hire to represent your specific legal interests.

Finally, in the case of a human relationship, the “current” must pass between your lawyer and you. You must have a good feeling. Choosing a lawyer about the same age as you can be such a good solution. On the other hand, if you are young or need to be reassured, an experienced lawyer may be profitable.

How are the fees calculated?

The lawyer’s fees can vary drastically. The fees can range on a very broad spectrum and not be a reflection of their skills in the field you are looking for. As such, a media lawyer will make you pay for his notoriety, not necessarily his competence. Most lawyers post an hourly rate that they apply then vary according to the type of litigation, the reputation of the firm, the complexity of the case. The ethical rules of the lawyers even provide that it is possible to vary the fees according to the objective financial situation of the client.

It is also possible to provide a fixed fee, which avoids unpleasant surprises. This is a topic that must be negotiated in advance with the lawyer when you give him your file. It is imperative to ask for the first appointment a quote. As part of a package, it is imperative to highlight in advance what will include the package (fees but also travel expenses, stamp costs, phone calls, etc.).

Lastly, there are contingency fees that some lawyers charge.  For instance, David Shiner’s experience has provided him with the knowledge on getting involved in cases on a contingency.  In some cases, besides personal injury litigation, the Shiner Law Group is known to get involved in business disputes based on a contingency basis.