5 Common Difficulties of Owning an RV

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One dream of many people is to own a recreational vehicle. It can make traveling into an adventure. You’ll be able to take extended road trips and enjoy the best there is in regards to camping, national parks and all America has to offer. It’s an excellent choice for retirees that want to see the country, and it can be exciting for families with children as well.

However, as with everything, owning an RV does come with its own difficulties you must consider when deciding whether or not to purchase one. Below are five.


There are also all the maintenance requirements of RVs you should be aware of. These, in certain cases, can be much more extensive than a regular automobile since RVs tend have many more systems with specialized requirements. In fact, insurers will probably demand that you keep a maintenance checklist.

Upfront Cost

Of course, the biggest hurdle for many people to overcome is the cost of owning an RV. Gas, of course can be expensive for an RV. However, the upfront cost alone can be massive. Higher end models can cost as much as a small house in certain areas. Make sure you can stay within your budget.


One big difference between a car and an RV is that RVs typically have bathrooms. However, these tend to be quite cramped. If you like a lot of room in your bathroom, you should look elsewhere. You’ll also have to do the job of disposing of all that waste that builds up. It won’t be pleasant.


One downside of owning an RV is that you may not have the space for it. RV’s can be very large. Some even resemble buses. You need to make sure you have the space to store your RV when it’s not in use. If your driveway is not long enough to store an RV you may need a driveway renovation.  Most people can’t do driveway renovation on their own. This is because a normal person doesn’t have the tools or training to expand a driveway. There are special tools used for concrete cutting and removal. Professionals like Greene Concrete Cutting Inc to expand your driveway to give you enough space to park an RV as well as the rest of your cars.


You should also be aware that you could get addicted to the RV lifestyle. It can be very liberating for many people to not be tied down to one place, and that can be intoxicating on some level. If you have a lot of responsibilities to attend to in one place, like say a career, an RV might not be right for you.

RVs can allow you to go on you dream vacation. They can give you access to a whole new lifestyle to enjoy in your retirement years. They can help your family bond. However, like anything, RVs also have downsides. Consider these when deciding whether or not to invest in one.

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