How To Read The NFL Lines

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The National Football League (NFL) is passionately followed by millions of sports lovers in the US as well as in many other parts of the world. If you are a fan of NFL, you can get involved in the game more by placing bets on the matches. However, before putting your hard earned money on professional football, it is extremely important for you to understand the NFL lines.

How to Read the NFL Lines

You need to put in a little effort to interpret the odds, which can be easily found in newspapers or better check NFL Lines at Even if you are not willing to place bets on football games, the ability to understand the NFL lines will help you win bets against your friends. Follow the below mentioned guidelines to read the NFL odds:

Locate the NFL Lines Before the Season

In order to bet on NFL successfully, you should follow complete season. Locate the NFL odds online before the start of the season and go through them regularly to the Super Bowl. Keep in mind that new lines are posted for every single match. To follow the scheduled of the season, you can also visit NFL.

Do your Research

Every team in NFL posts lines for every game, including ‘Total—Over/Under’ and ‘Straight-Up Point Spread’. These are two different types of NFL lines and you must learn them.

Straight-Up Point Spread Lines

In such lines, you will witness the team name before a number. For example, ‘Dallas Cowboys -7’ or ‘Pittsburgh Steelers +7’. In such lines, the team with the negative number, like Dallas Cowboys, is being considered as the favorite and the team with the positive number (Pittsburgh Steeler) is rated as the weaker of the two sides.

In most cases, the favorite team is listed first. These numbers signify the amount of money that needs to be taken away from the favorite or added to the weaker side. According to this particular example, the Dallas bettors would have won if Dallas beat Pittsburgh by 20-10; however, if Pittsburgh win by any margin or lose by less than 7, people who have placed their money on Steelers, would win.

Total – Over/Under

In most cases, these numbers can be found on the right of the point spread numbers. They are shown with ‘OV’  on different websites. A number is given with OV in such lines. The number signifies the predicted total score of a game. While putting your money on a game, you have to guess if the total score in that game would be over or under that number.