Learn How This Travel Agency is Growing At an Unprecedented Rate

Learn How This Travel Agency is Growing At an Unprecedented Rate

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Affordability has become one of the biggest matters of concern in traveling. A lot of people skip the idea of touring new destinations thinking about the raging prices of air tickets and expensive lodging.

Rishi Kapoor has been a part of the tourism industry for around two decades now. He wanted to come up with a solution that made traveling a pocket-friendly solution for everyone. After gaining adequate experience, he decided to form his own travel agency and form solutions that allow everyone to explore the world with ease.

The Rise of Nanak Flights

Rishi Kapoor established Nanak Flights back in 2013. The mission of this company was simple: to make travel affordable and convenient for people. Rishi knew that not only has he got to offer affordable ticket pricing, but also inexpensive lodging at destinations. He started off by creating a network of travel partners and comparing fares. Being an old member of the industry with strong links let the founder swiftly expand his company’s network. They look into 150 to 200 fare options before offering the most reasonable solution to the customers.

Nanak Flights deals in a wide range of destinations spread across the globe. Regardless of the class a customer opts for, Rishi ensures that he or she receives the lowest fares for it. One of the things he realized while working as an employee was that people are hesitant in pre-booking tickets since the fares sometimes reduce as the date of departures nears. Rishi eliminated this fear from people’s minds by presenting a simple yet smart solution. Anyone purchasing a ticket in advance is subject to (up to) a 100-dollar credit on their next purchase from Nanak Flights if the prices of the tickets fall afterward. Since the difference in fares is mostly under the set price range, customers no longer have to think twice before buying an air ticket. Furthermore, this allows the company to build long lasting relationships with its growing clientele.

In addition to air tickets, customers also wanted to stay away from the hassle of booking hotels and transportation on their own. This is why Nanak Flights offer complete packaged that people can opt for. These packages are crafted entirely on the dates and requirements of the travelers. This makes things even more hassle-free for Nanak Flights’ customers.

Formation of the Right Team

Rishi Kapoor had spent enough time in the tourism industry to know that an experienced team is what he needs to take Nanak Flights to unprecedented heights. The first person he brought on board was his own ex-colleague, Saleem Akhtar. Saleem was a salesperson with an experience of over two decades at hand. The duo then went on a hunt to find the best fit for Nanak Flights. After months of interviews and a multi-tiered selection process, Rishi formed a team of 30 individuals who possessed an experience of about eight years on average. The company continues to operate with the same team of experts surpassing milestones and staying on an upward trajectory. Speaking of milestones, Nanak Flights is all set to open a new branch in Mississauga. To learn more about Nanak Flights, visit their website, www.nanakflights.com.