National Golf Course – An Exclusive Treat To The Golfers And Golf Lovers

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Walker Cup at the National Golf of America saw the champions win over GB & I. No doubt, it is a popular event.  The lineup of golf players in the current session is reminiscence of 1922 Bob Jones and Bernard Darwin. The descendants are zealous players like them.

National Golf Course - An Exclusive Treat To The Golfers And Golf Lovers

As many as 20 golfing gents assembled to hit the balls. However, some difficulties arose when the players failed to surmise the direction of the wind. In addition to this, they often used the wrong clubs at wrong places. The event continued for two days, which showed that though the swing technique   and the equipments underwent a change the fundamental facts of the game remained same. There are other changes apart from the ones just mentioned. The strike rate showed a significant change over the years. There are many players now who can hit a 5 iron 240 yards.

The game of golf is always acclaimed as a cross-country game where the golfer strategically uses his mind to get the ball into the distant hole. The Walker Cup can boast fabulous course. The architects who work on renovation of the course sometimes use the old models. But this mars their originality as they try to grow thick and green lush grass everywhere. However, there is no doubt that the National game offers an exclusive course near the brackish bay. In addition to that, it is windy, uber-exclusive and grand. Besides the unique coarse received favorable comments from the sports critics as it did not try to manipulate the nearby nature. The American version took place close to its Scottish roots. This made the golf loves extremely happy. The campus was luxurious with big green comical slopes, small tee boxes, coffin shaped bunkers saturated with beach sand. It was certainly a treat to the senses for the golfers as well as the audiences.

An additional attraction at Nationals has always been the co-mingling of the old and the new. The crowd never exceed beyond a certain limit. It is acclaimed as the crowning genius of Charles Blair Macdonald and Seth Raynor, his engineer.

The rich course of the Walker Cup was not commercialized or the fans did not make much hype about it. Even the golfers did not pay heed to their dermatologists and played without their hats. The National is a private ground, and people are not allowed entry all year round. When asked about this to Herbert Warren wind to comment on National Golf Course, he remarked that it is America’s first golf course. Ben Crenshaw said that it is his favorite in the world. While Nelson Doubleday of New York Mets straight away commented that, it is a private course and none should interfere.

But people are given the right to appreciate the exclusive beauty of National only once a year. For few days in the month of September, the common people are given the chance to view the magnificence beauty of National. It offers a rare combination of luxuriant green and fabulous people.