Players Accused Of Not Supporting Anti-Racial Movement

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World football arena is polluted by the players’ action that is clearly labeled as racial. Two of the most sparking stars in football Rio Ferdinand and Anton Ferdinand are accused of not supporting anti racial activities with zeal.

Players Accused Of Not Supporting Anti-Racial Movement

Clarke Carlisle, the chair of the Professional Footballers’ Association criticized the renowned football players for not supporting last year’s anti-racism T-shirt demonstration. Kick It Out, a campaigning group supporting and promoting the social welfare and equality, distributed T-shirts highlighting the anti racial activity to ensure a systematic and healthy society. Many other high profile football players also shunned the movement and preferred to stay away from it. The Manchester City’s Joleon Lescott and Reading striker Jason Roberts ignored the approach of the campaigning group Kick It Out. Rio Ferdinand and Anton Ferdinand refused to wear the T-shirt prior to a round of Premier League scheduled to be held on the month of October.

Clarke Carlisle commented on the estrange activity of the players. In the Daily Mail he appreciated Jason Roberts for speaking his mind as to his refusal for not participating in the anti racial movement.  He clearly stated that he praises people for being vocal. Joleon Lescott, Rio and Anton Ferdinand were some of the renowned football players to discard the movement as a mark of protest for clearing Emre, Turkish midfielder of Newcastle. The mid fielder was let off without charge even though he openly abused Joseph Yobo and Jason Roberts.

Jason Roberts in an interview to British Broadcasting Center remarked that he is completely in favor of eradicating racialism out of sports but the disappointing factor is that the movement did not embrace all the players. He further added that if it supported all the players of all nationalities then he would have certainly extended his wholehearted support. Thus, he boycotted in protest as he witnessed that Luis Suarez of Liverpool and John Terry captain of Chelsea received moderate behavior of the authority, even though John Terry was accused of racially abusing Anton Ferdinand.

Clarke Carlisle said that apart from Jason no other football players got the guts to voice their thought. Their activity is similar to throwing a grenade but then keeping off the site when the grenade explodes. They big players they run behind their advisors and management officials. However Jason is totally different in handling the issues. He spoke about his disagreement and its reasons before the public and media. They publicly abused them for being a coward. And not having enough guts or courage to stand in front of the camera and stand apart from the crowd.

The chair of Professional Footballers’ association did not stop here. He further opined that that the fact the players were unable to unite is his personal failure as a chair. It is similar to being attacked by a group of people who are questioning his authority as well as his representation in the committee. Thus Clarke feels insulted and hurt by the irrational approach of the players.