Quick Tips To Keep Your Golf Ball On The Fairway

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Graceful design, spectacular surroundings and vast tree-lined fairways present the ultimate golfing experience in the golf clubs of Texas. The golf courses of the state offer huge challenges to ardent golfers, especially if they are playing on the fairway. The low scores you yearn for are difficult to accomplish if you don’t know how to keep your ball on the fairway and give your best to play all the holes like a pro. When you keep the ball on the fairway from the tee, you not only benefit in terms of distance when playing shots, but also make your subsequent shots a lot simpler. Here are some useful tips to help you keep the golf ball on the fairway.

Quick Tips To Keep Your Golf Ball On The Fairway

Don’t Tense Up Your Shoulders

Professional golfers feel that some golfers stand far away from the ball. This makes them stretch their shoulders and slice or mis-hit the ball. According to eminent golfer Tom Watson, you must take the swing posture so that your arms hang openly. The distance between the ball and your feet normally depends on the length of your golf club. The more the length of the club is, the greater will be the distance between you and the ball.

Avoid Pulling the Ball Left of the Tee

In an effort to fix a slice, some players try to move the golf ball left off the tee. You can overcome this problem by swinging your club head in a straight line through the ball. Do not swing left as that will not help you on the fairway.

Move the Clubface in a Circle While Swinging

Most players think that their clubface must remain square to their goal while swinging. However, this is not the right way to play on the fairway. When the club moves around the swing arc, its head normally rotates. Make sure that the club head swings from the inside, then out to the golf ball and finally back to the inside. The best way to do this is by taking a light grip, and maintaining the same. This will help your arms roll over smoothly.

Tee up the Ball High

When you’re focusing on direction and wind speed, make sure that you know how to tee off the golf ball high up in the air. You can tee it higher when the fairway is soft or on days when the wind is not strong. When you successfully tee up high, expect to produce a higher path and reduced backspin. On the contrary, on a windy day, teeing your golf ball lower is more reasonable as you will be able to keep it under the tree-line. While you tee the ball lower, you try to hit it lightly and make lower contact with the clubface. This makes the ball fly lower and move with better spin.

Use Your Natural Shot to Your Benefit

If you have natural slice or you can fade the golf ball like a pro, use it to your benefit. Use the far right side of the tee box, near the marker, to tee up. Utilize the far left side if you hook. If you feel you should stand outside the markers, go for it. Just ensure that your golf ball is between them.

Keep Your Shoulders at Right Angles

Fix your slice by keeping your shoulders at right angles, and not beyond 90 degrees when swinging. According to professional golf instructors, during the downswing, a player’s shoulders move quickly than the club swing and his arms. You can fix this by ensuring that your shoulders do not turn or move beyond 90 degrees.

When teeing off in one of the golf clubs of Texas, learn to keep the ball on the fairway. It will help you play some of the best shots and target all the holes on it.