Road Trip to Rhode Island! Don’t Miss It!

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How about the idea of driving along the Rhode Island coast? It may seem funny for locals because the territory is not big and you can drive across the state for several hours. But this small place is full of picturesque landscapes and historic places. The truth is that you can hardly find a better place for traveling if you have no more than a day for that. Don’t even try to save money on your car! It is important to rent the most comfortable vehicle! EZ car rental in East Providence RI helps a lot. New England can boast the richest history and friendly people, the best seafood beautiful nature. Do you know that the fall foliage in New England is one of the most romantic sights in the USA? Come and see!

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  1. Remember that a budget for a New England trip must be about $250-300 a day minimum, including car rental, gas, food and drinks, lodging. The most money taking thing in your list is car fueling, considering that New England has the cheapest fuel rates.
  2. Rhode Island is a favorable territory for beach vacation. The South part of the state is the most popular. But you can find a more pleasant and quieter place for your trip. Go to the North Kingstown to find a hidden beach. The parking lot is situated more than a mile from the beach. So, you’d better to ride a bike or go on foot.
  3. Try to read in the internet about all the places in Rhode Island you are going to visit.
  4. For more information, try to visit one of Rhode Island touristic agencies. They give you a free brochure and a city map.
  5. Many people prefer summer to spring and autumn for traveling. Remember that summer is the most expensive season in New England. Having a trip before national holidays, you should also spend much money.

DGJ_3944 - Margaretville Lighthouse



  1. Go to see the lighthouse

There can be nothing more romantic than going to the seacoast to see the lighthouse. The Rhode Island’s coast is covered with beautiful historic lighthouses hidden here and there along the seaside. Just pick two-three the most interesting ones and easy accessible by car. You can admire the marvelous nature views from the top of a hill.

  1. Go to see the small towns

Of course, Rhode Island looks like a big town. But this place consists of many smaller towns and villages. Each of them is interesting to visit. They have something unique and original. How about scouting the historic fishing villages hidden in the mountains? Do you like the idea of investigating beautiful state parks and abandoned villas along the coast?

Great Gull Island, NY


  1. Go to see natural wonders

Rhode Island is called the Ocean State. Believe it or not, but you can see the most impressive natural wonders here. It’s amazing but all these waterfalls, lonely bays, and rocks are easily accessible by car. Beaches and ponds, green lawns and breathtaking sea views will touch your feelings. It would be great to go to the roadside market and buy some food for picnic.



  1. Fall Foliage trip in Rhode Island

Autumn is the most beautiful season in New England. Here, in Rhode Island, autumn is a season of harvesting, picking apples, pumpkin, and many more season delicacies. The leaves fall down and male the south state even more beautiful. Changing colors, quietness, and beauty will make your road trip perfect for thinking, resting, having peaceful weekend. Take your kids with you! They will be happy to try local goodies!

  1. Go to see vampires

This can be the most terrifying road trip! You should know that Rhode Island is home of vampires. Do you want to see the ghost of Edgar Allen Poe? Go to the local library in Providence. This historic place is full of mysterious activity. Actually, all and every small village and abandoned house keeps a secret. How many dark secrets can you find?



  1. Go to see waterfalls

You shouldn’t go far in search of the natural wonders. There are many gorgeous waterfalls on the territory of Rhode Island. If you don’t want to drive a car, looking for the hidden places, you’d better to buy a map or join in the Waterfall Tour. Don’t worry, it doesn’t take much time. Instead, you will save some time for traveling or having picnic with kids after the excursion. Sometimes, you can even observe the waterfall from the car window!

Still dreaming of a road trip? Go to Rhode Island. This region is created special for quiet travelers. You can see the small towns, hidden caves, natural beauty and glory. Don’t forget your sunglasses, a sunhat, light jeans, shorts, and a raincoat. It’s autumn time in New England, you know.