What can parents do to reduce the stress of class 10th Student?

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Studying is not difficult but doing it the right way is the challenge.  These days the competition and expectations in schools is so much. Students have to study so hard so as to survive the classes with good marks. Indeed, you would not deny the fact that your kids too face a lot of pressure and tension in their day today academic arena.

Is it class 10th?

Ah, if the class is 10th or 12th; the pressure goes altogether to a new height. Certainly since class 10th is a board class, both parents and teachers keep on nagging students to study harder and get more focused. Well, if you are a parent and you want to help your child prepare in the best manner then you should keep the following points in mind.

Study material

No matter class 10 maths study material CBSE or any other subject, material has to be good, correct and qualitative. What is the point if your child studies so hard but unfortunately the material he chooses to study and prepare form is of shallow material? Indeed, the variety in the world is a good thing to have but in the realm of material, it can back fire too. Sometimes students end up picking the wrong materials to prepare from and hence their performance turns out to be tepid. It is because of the lack of quality in the content. Here, what you can do is you can ensure that your child gets the material that is good in quality. You can talk to professionals and they can hand you the best material that students should follow for preparation. Sometimes when the material selected for studying is good; the performance certainly turns out to be excellent.

Ask them to relax

In case you are always bothering your child regarding their studies, syllabus and overall performance and preparation; you might do more harm than any good. Certainly you cannot simply lay the piles of expectations on your beloved child. What is the point if he or she gets even more scared or terrible because of the unintentional pressure from your side on them/ the point is you should always inspire your child to study as per his comfort and ability? You have to positively boost them and tell them they can do well. And even if they don’t be able to do well, that would not be the end of the world.  Once you become a source of outlet of pressure for your child, you do the best thing for them. After all, students know what exactly they have to cover and in how much time. You don’t have to poke your nose therein and if you really want to contribute, do it by keeping them relaxed and positive. Once your child sees that you are comfortable with his performance and you think he can do well; they would definitely take the responsibility to do well as per their capabilities.


Thus, you should check out CBSE class 10 maths study material or any other subject material and ensure that your child use the right material only. Once you pay attention on the material and the pressure of your child; you can help them significantly.

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