Say Yes to the Wedding for Less

5 mins read

Some of us are happy just getting married in the courthouse without throwing a big party afterwards. On the other hand, there are also those of us that really want to celebrate this occasion by organizing an event all our friends and family will remember. However, sometimes it happens that we just cannot afford our childhood dream of having a fairy tale wedding due to a lack of funds. If this is something you have to deal with, don’t worry! You can still have an amazing day even on a budget. Take a look at our tips and start preparing for your big day!


Go through the guest list

When working with a tight budget, you will have to consider your priorities when it comes to the guest list. Do you really need three hundred people attending this special day? Most of them will probably be acquaintances, distant relatives and various plus ones. There is no rule saying you have to invite someone whose wedding you attended a couple of years ago or your childhood friend you haven’t talked to in ages.

Instead, consider inviting only the people closest to you. Sit down with your significant other and come up with a list of people most important to you. Your parents might want you to invite some family members from out of town but you should explain to them that you are keeping the wedding small. And after all, this is your big day and you get to decide who you will spend it with.

Keeping the wedding small will also help with the venue as then you will not have to rent out a huge ballroom and pay for a lot of food. You might be able to find a small local place that will cater to all your needs.


Find the right attire

Another factor to consider is what you and your spouse-to-be are going to be wearing. Buying new suits and dresses can be quite expensive, especially if you are going to wear them only once. Luckily for you, there are some other options to take into account.

For example, when looking for a dress, you can get something that you will be able to wear after the wedding as well. While you might think that that will make it less special, what is the point of going broke and having a gorgeous dress hanging in your closet? Another option to consider is renting the dress, seeing as how there are many shops that allow you to do that. It is more affordable than buying and you will still feel special on your big day. Alternatively, you might be able to use your mother’s dress and make it your own with some alterations.

The same principle goes for shoes and all other accessories. Finding a pair of shoes that you will be able to wear for other occasions as well is the best way to save money. Furthermore, try to find a DIY tutorial for making your own wedding bouquet and ask friends to lend you their accessories.


Consider a destination wedding

Have you thought about a destination wedding? Choosing an exotic or faraway destination can be a great way to save some money. From getting married on a beach in Bali or Jamaica to finding a castle in Ireland or enjoying the romantic vibe of Italy, your choices are truly numerous. In addition to that, it will be easier to explain why the guest list is small and you can stay there for your honeymoon as well.

Another great thing about this is that you can easily find agencies that will take care of everything for you. For instance, relying on a professional Your Bali Wedding planner means that the venue, food, entertainment and accommodation will be covered. All you will have to do is decide who to invite and have fun.


There are plenty of other ways how you can save some money, from using your own backyard and creating your own decorations to looking for the most affordable catering. The wedding doesn’t have to be super luxurious to be remembered, the most important thing is for you to organize a day that will make you truly happy and spend it with your loved ones.