Tips on Surviving College

3 mins read

For most people, college remains a unique phase of their lives, one which is forever remembered. People tend to look back on their college years, reflect on good and bad choices made, and perhaps, find, while analyzing those choices, the building blocks which became instrumental to their professional and personal lives. For most people, the experience remains bitter-sweet.

Personal Relationships will come and go – In theory, college should do more than teach you academics – it should help you grow up. The process happens through socialization, accountability, development of prioritization skills and learning to juggle many concurrent activities. Friends and people with competing interest will enter your life, most will be transient, and perhaps some might remain through the years. Becoming aware of the temporary nature of college friendships in general, will help you keep your eye on the ball. You are there to learn, study and graduate in the top 1% of your class. This will have a direct effect on your career prospects at graduation.

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Exposure – Get in the habit of saying “yes” to opportunities, weather to join a study group, or volunteer for a project. The purpose is to network, hone your skills, and increase the flow of information coming your way. Take every activity as an adventure waiting to groom you, and turn you into a better version of yourself.

Face your Fears – The fears you have brought to college are a part of you, wherever you go. This is the time to take a long hard look at yourself. After all, college is the training ground where you get to try out your theories, getting your feet wet, without any major repercussions. It’s like playing the market with plastic money. The downside is limited. You will find no better to tryout different scenarios which could become material to your future.