Social Security 101: 4 Signs You May Qualify For Disability Assistance

Social Security 101: 4 Signs You May Qualify For Disability Assistance

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Disability assistance is meant to help when we need it the most. However, it can be hard to know when it’s time to apply for those benefits. There are a few signs that you may qualify if you feel you need assistance, might qualify, and should consider it. Here are just four of those signs:

You Were Injured at Work

Other than naturally occurring diseases and disorders, the reason why many people qualify for disability assistance is because they were injured at work. Even though non-fatal work injuries are on a decline, according to a recent report by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, injuries still happen. It is important to work with your doctor to determine the extent of those injuries should they occur. If it is determined that your injuries have permanently, or severely limited, your ability to work, you may qualify for assistance to help you financially.

You Were Told by Your Doctor

If your doctor has told you that you may qualify for disability assistance based on their evaluations, then it may be time to look at the possibility of applying for benefits. They may do physical assessments, run tests and other diagnostics, and look over current and past medical records. The reasons for their determination can be many, but injuries or disorders top the list. It is important to make sure you get copies of all paperwork where they have made a diagnosis, so you can use this when applying for disability assistance.

You Are Unable to Work at All

If you are not able to work at all because of your condition, whether it is due to injury or disease, you may want to see your doctor to see if they agree with your assessment. If they agree that you may qualify for assistance, you should look into starting the process, so you can get the help you need as quickly as possible. Having their help can speed up the time it takes to be approved for disability benefits if you are unable to work.

Your Condition Is Permanent

If your condition is permanent and you are unable to work, disability benefits are meant to assist you with the financial burden. However, you don’t have to have the diagnosis from a doctor that you will never get better or that you will never be able to work again at all to be able to qualify. The definition of permanent disability is one that will not improve. The definition of total disability is one that keeps the disabled person from earning enough to support themselves over the course of a year. To qualify for disability, you must be totally disabled but not necessarily permanently disabled.

If there are one or more signs that you may qualify for disability assistance it may be time to act. Consider seeking legal services that focus on social security, like that from Oxner + Permar, LLC. This is especially true if these benefits would help you live a better life. Whether by personal injury, disease, or disorder, disability assistance can help.