Street Food You Should Try in Lisbon

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Lisbon is the capital and the largest city in the country Portugal. It’s the best place to roam around. Travelling is the best part of anyone’s life, even mine. People say that Lisbon is a place of immigrants and soon those immigrants make Lisbon their home. Moreover, when you travel all you look up is for the food the city is famous for. Every country has its own way of preparing food, but if you go to Lisbon and you don’t try the street food, you’re at loss. Seriously, street food of Lisbon is like amazing. You will be amazed to eat them. Even I have tried some restaurants and the taste I got was super crazy, literally. They prepare awesome food. Okay so let me tell you what I did and what all street places I went.

Firstly, what you have to do is rent a car in Lisbon and enjoy the ride; obviously, you won’t carry your own car there as you are a tourist. Secondly – GO EAT. That’s the best thing you can do. Going to amusement parks and all can also be done in the country you live, but eating the traditional food of the place you have been to be the best thing you can ever do. So if you love food, and if you live for food, you must try these street foods .

Focaccia in Giro

Restaurant Milano

This is like one of the best places you will find the street food. it is famous for its focaccia with lox, orange slices, thinly sliced zucchini, and caramelized sweet onion. It’s like the best dish you will eat there

La Bottega Piadina


This serves you varieties of foods, such as street food, Mediterranean food, European food etc. it is famous for its piadina. If you go there, I assure you that you are going to love the taste of everything they sell.

Burger Factory

Good burger

This one is famous for its hamburgers. They taste amazing and the place is fascinating. It’s like a must visit place, and let me tell you, not all burgers are the same!

Madame Gaufre


This is the best place to look for street food as it gives you a proper look that yes, you are eating on street and yes, we serve amazing street food. It is famous for chocolate waffles. I have eaten them but I make sure that these will be wonderful if you go and eat here because after all it’s their specialty.

Filho Da Mae Bio Restaurant

This is the place where you get organic food. Everyone loves to eat fresh and this place offers you with the freshest one, “the organic”. They even serve you local craft beer and I know you won’t say no to it.

Everyone loves to travel, the pocket is big or not. However, I think eating street food is more cool than going into an elegant 5 star hotels and paying them for what they don’t even deserve. Street foods be the best one ever and according to the census, many people even rely on street food because everyone is working these days and they don’t have time to cook and especially when you are tourist and you know where to go and which is the best place, you rely on street food as they give you the taste of their tradition which is incredible !

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