The Main Causes Of Global Warming

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We all know that continue the rise of average temperature is the main reason of global Warming. Air pollution, Deforestation, Landfills, is combining connected to each other indirectly to form warming. The intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC) has reported that the warming was more increased because of concentration greenhouse gases which are produced by daily human activities.

Human is part of producing the warming in the whole world today. It can be said as increasing the ocean water levels, reducing the snow and ice.

The more temperature increase, the more water level rises and this process will also increase the ocean temperature and many species may extinct, some microorganism  which are habited of living in the regular temperature of water level, of them are killed will it will make the surface level of water highly toxic and form a big disaster.

Some highly polluted countries are avoiding the effects of nature for better future. It’s simple to protect and everything is easy when everyone combines work together is done. We studied in our high schools about warming and this day we are part of doing these disasters.


A man made source Garbage plays a major role in global warming. It produces methane gas (CH4) which increases the temperature almost of 23 times comparing to normal temperature. To help in preventing these greenhouse gases, the process recycles is most important to implement in every country. In California there is more than 60% of wastage is recycled every year. It is said that California pay for garbage collected by people and the garbage waste is recycled.

The Main Causes Of Global Warming

Air Pollution

 The main reason is air pollution; excess emission carbon dioxide is being slowly destroyed the ozone layer. It’s already in process that the direct sunlight showing the effect on our earth due to Ozone layer destruction. This means it’s melting the big ice and increasing the water levels and changes in average temperature, and also species extensions will occur.


Forest is covered with a wide range of land where it is covered with greenery and different species around. It is mainly seen in tropical rainforest where you find full rain and more sun, the reason is fire occurs in excess deforested area and generates excess of carbon dioxide

It is said that trees absorbs the carbon dioxide and provide oxygen (photosynthesis) for human and other species today. So it is clear that the more deforestation takes place, the more carbon dioxide remains, and goes high and makes changes in climate. If deforestation reduces the temperature may remain average.