Unique Concrete Patio Designs

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Don’t be a square when it comes to your patio. There are countless fun and intricate designs that you can get for your patio, all of which can be individualized for your yard and landscape. However, so many options can quickly overwhelm a person; knowing this, following is a guide with instructions on how you can chose what type of shape and concrete design will be ideal for your backyard patio.

Working With The Yard

Without a doubt, the best shape for your patio is one that works well within the shape and size of your yard. Intuitively, you don’t want to have a large patio if you have a smaller yard — instead, you want a patio that’s going to complement your yard without seeming overwhelming. If you still want your yard to look more spacious, you may want to stick to the rule that a patio be no more that one fourth of the total size of your backyard, otherwise your patio may seem as if it is overtaking your yard. Conversely, if you have a pool or outdoor kitchen, you might want to account for this extra space in your patio. If you have a small backyard, you might just want a small concrete patio to provide a bistro aesthetic that fits a small table and maybe a few other furniture pieces.


If you want a concrete patio with a really unique design, you should focus on accenting your concrete. If you have a large patio with a section on one side for a table and chairs and perhaps a different side for sun chairs, you can do a unique design that sort of leads people from one area to another by using two types of concrete one for the background and then a darker color with geometrical shapes to point in one direction. Some other options could involve stars, compasses or other striking designs at certain points in the patio.

Unique Concrete Patio Designs


A more natural, contemporary approach is to use grass within the patio, instead of two types of concrete or two different colors. Squares of concrete can be placed inches apart, with grass in between each square panel. This works well for a seated area within a garden or a relaxing area, but you probably won’t want to do this design with a table. This is because incorporating grass can sometimes make the base for the table uneven and if you are going to be eating food, then an uneven table might become problematic.


If you’re looking to install a circular fire pit, another unique idea for a concrete patio design would be to swirl two different concrete patterns in a spiral toward the fire pit. For instance, think of the yellow brick road from the Wizard of Oz, only obviously not with red and yellow brick (unless you’re a diehard Wizard of Oz fan).

Final Thoughts

No matter what concrete design you end up using for your pit or as inspiration, it’s imperative that you are gathering lots of estimates from companies and looking at many different designs before you make your choice. Don’t be afraid to give constructive criticism to your designer, because keeping quiet at the beginning about something that bothers you may mean that you could potentially end up with something that you don’t like. House tours are another great way to get designs for potential concrete patios. Ask around and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want, because although you may think there is only one type of concrete patio, there are actually endless possibilities for the design of your new backyard concrete patio!

 Written by Robert Thompson, owner of TlC Lawncare and Landscaping. TLC is one of the preferred concrete contractors Columbia MO has to offer. They also specialize in many other services such as lawn care and landscaping!