Things You Need To Keep In Mind While Reserving Your Wedding Venue In Italy

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Anyone who says size doesn’t matter is completely wrong. If you have 100 guests attended your wedding, you have to reserve a wedding venue that has room for around 100-120 people. Why get a luxury Italian venue that holds 200 people than not even fill half of it, your wedding visitors will be wandering around inside, and all the wedding atmosphere will be lost.

If you’re planning a Band or DJ for the wedding event’s entertainment for your visitors, then make sure they have ample space to set up their kit, think about where you can visualize the wedding party dance floor and check if there is sufficient space for further entertaining activities.

If you are thinking about a big wedding brunch at the wedding venue, talk to the management of wedding venue, and inquire how they will place all the tables, they might say they can settle hundreds of wedding visitors in same wedding venue but if they are placing tables down the passage, your visitors will feel left out.

In a nutshell, when searching for luxury Italian wedding venues, make sure you visit the wedding venue, don’t simply choose it from the internet or photos, and try to visualize your event being held there.


Let’s discuss some facts, the wedding venue and wedding reception can simply be the most expensive part of your wedding day, but only if you need it to be. Relying on what your preference is, whether it’s a big palace you’ve hired for the day, or the local church hall, make sure you settle on your spending plan and stick to it.

Luxury Italian wedding venues sometimes give fixed price packages, including a single price per person for their wine, meal, wine, evening buffet, and toast drink. All wedding venues should give you a price list before you reserve anything, check if there is an additional expense for hiring the wedding venue, on top of the consumables. Some wedding venues in Italy charge less on weekday weddings, while weekends are more common wedding days and might cost more.

If you reserve an Italian wedding venue that does not take care of your catering needs or is just a wedding hall hire, consider the prices of what else you might need to make it a perfect venue, drinks, food, cutlery & crockery, DJ, decorations, service staff – they all add up. Set aside some time working out on your figures and choose what fits your wedding budget.


When you finally found your perfect luxury Italian wedding venue, submit your deposit, get a receipt and make sure it’s completely reserved for you on your big day. It will be a good idea if you take a few close friends or family members to see the wedding venue before your wedding day. Not only does it make them feel more involved, but you can also get their ideas and opinions.

Ensure you visit the wedding venue at least two before your wedding day to talk about the management of the venue what you can and can’t do.

Speak to the vendors and make sure the dining that you require is properly organized. Check what things the luxury wedding venue in Italy will deliver, and what you’re anticipated to organize. Things like a cake stand or large silver knife, if these are not offered by the luxury Italian wedding venue, you’ll have to organize them yourself or face a difficult time as far as cutting of wedding cake is concerned. Get to know when your wedding DJ or band can get it to set up, all the little things require attention, make a shortlist and ask all the queries of your wedding venue.


Don’t get upset, book your luxury Italian wedding venue early, or at least get yourself penciled in their diary and ask that they call you as fast as they can if any other wedding couple in Italy asks about your date!


David Stacy is a wedding planner and writer from Canada, Winnipeg, and supervisor of wedding guru – a platform dedicated to giving inspiration and guidance for the perfect wedding arrangements. He is similarly the writer of John’s Wed – a fiction novel based on the chaotic life of a wedding planner. David also writes for wedding couples looking for luxury Italian wedding venues for their special day.