Tips to network like a pro

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Andrew Sobel, in his book “Power Relationships,” states something that might come as a shock to a lot of us deeply engrossed in networking attempts. He states that quality will always trump quantity when it comes to networking. It does not matter the number of business cards that you have inserted into the nooks and crannies of your office. They will not be useful to you if you cannot get something qualitative and valuable out of them.

Social media and other such sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook all put pressure on us to have the most followers to boast about. But the difference is that when it comes to networking, you need to be around or gather people who are in the same lane as you. The message and the skills that you are imparting hear should land on ears that will actually be able to register the message.

This is also what Anthony Bailey learned, and later practiced in his career. Bailey has had a vast career where he has been involved in politics, public relations, charities, and other institutions. He currently owns Anthony Bailey Consulting. He has been lauded by The Observer and also has won several awards for his services such as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire and many more.

But to be able to network like Bailey, you will have to follow the following tips:

Know who matters

This could include a customer, a mentor, a colleague, or anyone. It is the person who can help you make valuable connections in life and so are extremely valuable to your career. You will have to make sure that you keep regular contact with such people, you can get to know their interests and engage in those.

Pick your next group

They can be 10, 20, or 100. They will be the people who have either helped you or have the potential to help you in the future. You do not have to follow up with them intensely. You can just send them a monthly newsletter or a text here or there. This way, you can gauge their interests and play up on that.

Helping is the best way to connect

To connect with someone, the best thing you can do is help them. If someone is wealthy and well connected, it does not mean that they cannot need anything else. When you go through the trouble of finding out what the contact desires, then you will easily be able to get closer to them. You will be able to show them that you have the skills they never knew they needed.