TOP 12 Exotic Beaches in Portugal

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Portugal is a country of beaches. More than 300 of them are awarded with Blue Flag Award. This is a prestigious international award for high standards and safety beach territory. It is time to meet TOP 12 unusual interesting beaches of Portugal: desert islands, volcanic vents, fashionable resorts and quiet national parks. You have to find right place to go surfing, get some sun or admire of a fantastic sunset.

Canto Marinho, Viana do Castelo

The most beautiful and admirable wild beach is situated in the north of Portugal. This is the right place for everyone, who prefers wild nature. The nature is wide and beautiful: gold beaches, dunes, green fields and ocean waves. You should come here if you are looking for peace and quiet.

Last Golden Beams

Nazare, Leiria

This is one of the best touristic beaches of central Portugal. The beach has cafes, shops, souvenir shops. You can enjoy coffee just from the seaside. The white-gold sand and well-developed infrastructure attract many tourists every year. Nazare beach is attractive for family vacation. What is more, there is a surf-spot not far from the beach. This is a place of cool surfers and big waves.

Berlenga Grande, Leiria

The clear and crystal water and strong winds make Berlenga Grande interesting place for diving and surfing. The seashore is crossed with rocks and mountains. There is only one beach that is attractive for swimming. It is not big, but comfortable and well-protected from strong winds with the high mountains. If you decided to go there, it is better to spend a day or a half of the day to have some rest, admire the rocky landscapes and visit ancient fort on a top of a hill. The transfer from the beach to the nearest city is 20 EUR.

Ribeira D’lhas, Lisbon, Ericeira

Ericeira is popular place for surfing since 70th. The beaches of Ericeira are called the world surfing reservation. The best of the best beach is Ribeira. Surf lovers occupy this territory from October till May. This is also a period for surfing competitions. Surfing is safe and easy here. This spot is popular for newcomers and professional surfers.

Adraga, Sintra, Lisbon

Adraga is fantastic beach with white sand and high mountains around. It looks like a frame of fantastic film about unknown planets. As you can see, this is not right territory for kids. It is dangerous swimming here. Nevertheless, this is a place of admirable sunset, colorful restaurants and wide choice of seafood.

Adraga Beach

Guincho, Cascais, Lisbon

This admirable beach is situated not far from Lisbon – favorite place for kitesurfers and windsurfers. This is popular place for natives and tourists. There is bicycle track from Cascais to the beach. You can learn surfing in one of numerous surfing schools. If the wind is strong you can easily stay on the beach and watch sport competitions. Never miss exotic cocktail in the local bar.

Portinho da Arrabida, Setubal

The picturesque and calm territory is situated in the national park Arrabida. It is difficult to find something better for family vacation. The ocean is warm and pleasant. The water is crystal clear. The beach is situated close to Lisbon. Nevertheless, it is hard to find many people even in hot season. The territory is mostly attractive for divers and fishers. You can also book interesting excursion over the nearest territories. What about travelling to ancient castle Palmela? Just few people know that there is a nice cozy hotel here.

Odeceixe, Aljezur, Faro

This beach was awarded with blue Flag. The territory boasts with ocean and river water all together. It is really pleasant to swim in the river after the ocean salty water. The places are desert and picturesque. There are no crowds of tourists. Look! There is a cute village with the snow-white houses on a top of a hill! It is worth visiting. You can hire a car in Faro and have no transport problems getting from the city to the beach and return.

Portugal, Odeceixe

Dona Ana, Faro

Actually, the best popular beaches of Portugal are located to the south of Algarve. The most beautiful of them is Dona Ana. This is the beach of soft gold sand and bright rocks. You are welcomed if you want to catch the wave or enjoy rocky landscapes.

Falesia, Albufeira, Faro

The beach is 3 kilometers long. Look! The sand is white; the rocks are red stripped with tall pine trees. The water is clean and pleasant. People come here to enjoy the beauty of pine forest, ocean waves and fresh air. There is an observation platform, where you can climb by special lift.

Porto Moniz, Madeira

The next popular beach of Madeira is Porto Moniz. This is a beach with natural volcanic basins. The natural basins were carefully shifted and polished to be comfortable for visitors. You can swim in warm water and watch big waves and rocky mountains. The beach is available the year around. There is a nice swimming pool for kids, cloak rooms, storage rooms and emergency help point. The entrance to the beach of volcanic basins is 1,5 EUR. The view is impressive and rather strange.

Ilheu Vila Franca, Azores

The beaches of Vila Franca are the part of old dead volcano. This is a popular place for divers. Tourists from the nearest cities come to the island to go diving, swimming or walking along the picturesque pathways of the national park. The fresh exotic forest takes you to go for a walk.

Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo, São Jorge, Açores

So, where to go and what kind of beach to choose? The most of Portuguese sea sides are beautiful and comfortable for family rest. You can always choose one of impressive beaches, attracting with their wild nature, sharp rocks and black sand. Travelling with kids, pay attention to Algarve. The beaches of Algarve are not impressively exotic, but warm and comfortable. This is a capital of Atlantic Ocean, blue lagoons, long beaches and clean gold sand. This is also good place for diving and surfing. The beaches are safe for newcomers.