Top 3 Most Beautifully Designed Yachts in the World

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A yacht is an ultimate sign of luxury and the more unique the design, the more regal it looks against the shimmering carpet of the brilliant blue sea. Sailing through the majestic oceans of the world in a beautifully crafted yacht is a dream for all the lovers of a nautical adventure. Here are the three most spectacular yachts with designs so marvelous that they will sweep every sailor off their feet!

1. Unique Circle Yachts

Image source: http://www.zaha-hadid.com/design/unique-circle-yachts/

A collaboration between Zaha Hadid and Blohm & Voss, the Unique Circle Yachts are a family of 5 superyachts that are based on a 128-meter prototype. Designed keeping the principles of fluid dynamics in mind, the Unique Circle Yachts are not only engineered for drastic conditions at sea but also provide supreme comfort, safety, and luxury. The external exoskeleton of the yachts is reminiscent of marine formations and offers an aesthetic charm to the yacht along with providing support through a network of structures that hold together the different decks and levels of the boat. The design is also extremely adaptable and can be molded into a variety of different phenotypes as per the buyer’s vision. Sailing in this architectural masterpiece would be an unparalleled and exhilarating experience indeed!

2. Z Boat

Image source: http://www.zaha-hadid.com/architecture/z-boat/

Yet another masterpiece designed by Zaha Hadid, the Z boat is a futuristic yacht with a sleek, all black exterior that stands out against the sparkling blue of the waves. The 7.5-meter long boat can house up to 8 people and its asymmetric design accentuates the beauty of the vessel while serving the practical purpose of adding more space for seating purposes. The Z Boat is definitely way more than a vessel, it is a marvelous piece of art that combines an out of the box aesthetic with an extremely ergonomic design. According to Hadid, the boat has been created using cutting-edge technology, the best software and the latest methods of fabrication. This is what the boats of the future will seek inspiration from.

3. Wally 118

wally power 118
Image source: https://www.wally.com/wally-is/heritage/118-wallypower.html

The Wally 118 is a 36-meter long luxury yacht that can cruise at a maximum speed of 60 knots. Its angular design offers an artistic appeal to its appearance that has earned it the moniker of Darth Vader’s home on the sea, while the extensive research that has gone into the architecture of the boat makes sure that it glides on water. The metallic dark green paint looks different under different lighting and offers a surreal charm to the boat. One can take this vessel home for a whopping $33 million, but this spectacular yacht is definitely worth the investment.

These beauties of the sea are truly objects of envy for any connoisseur of sailing. They offer an offbeat departure from the traditional yacht design that makes them stand out from other vessels. Each of these vessels is a shining example of luxury sailing at its best and deserves a position in a museum of architecture. If you want to sail like royalty, then these yachts are definitely the vessels of choice for you! But for the rest of us, regular yacht renting should do, and with todays huge competition, prices are dropping down.