Top 3D Animation Trends You Must Follow in 2019

Top 3D Animation Trends You Must Follow in 2019

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Animation like every other field of creative design or digital art has so much going on. Every other day, a dedicated animator comes up with a new technique or a new form of art to amuse the viewers. When the industry is getting heated with an unbeatable level of competition, it’s time for you to start gathering successful techniques to grab the attention of your viewers. You have to practice the finest art to animate if you want to make a difference or else you will be a lost ship on the wild sea. So, here is a short list of animation trends that can help you surface in the industry as a professional entity this year. Keep reading!

Broken Text

In animation, the art to use typography with the style of broke letters has emerged a couple of years back. It has nailed its place in the industry due to the appeal it throws. The captivating letters tend to hold attention for comparatively longer as a human mind begins to un-puzzle what the content is about. You cannot simply overlook it. You have to actually pay attention to it ultimately falling into the trap of getting converted from being a potential lead into a qualified customer.

Kinetic typography

Kinetic typography is more of the typography version you create for your innovation. It pushes the animators off his boundaries and makes him add life in written content. The static content has now become outdated. If you want to create an impact ad some movement in your text. Either stretches it, break it or squash it, but do something that can keep the viewer indulged in the creation for longer. It is a technique that is practiced a lot at the animation agency UK due to the appeal it creates in any video it is incorporated.

Thin lines

The addition of moving lines in an animated video adds more credibility secretly. You tend to guide your viewer to follow the track you want him to follow while watching. He goes frame by frame and scene by scene pondering on the littles details you want to highlight which without those lines would have been of no use. So, these leading lines add more clarity in your video and give it a purpose to serve.

Seamless Transition

It is the technique that only a professional animator knows how to do it. It’s about adding finishing and fluid movement in your character’s action. You make it look so seamless by editing the video. The perfect video is the one that delivers proper movement in each animated scene. You do not have to show the breaks and pose or the mini second break-in shifting your frames. Everything should move like a fluid.


In pixilation, you tend to add more details in your video. You animate it adding features and aspects that can enhance its overall look. You can add movement, object, or even noise in the overall image to enhance the action.

Liquid Motion

In liquid motion, you have to add the splash of colors to enhance the beauty of the movement. You tend to create shadows, emphasize a certain area of the object, and work on many different aspects to uplift the outlook. You have to know the technique to use different color intensities to define a certain point or aspect. It helps in engaging the target audience making the image clearer.

Combination Of 2D And 3D

The rare trend that you would hardly see anybody practicing it is using the creative flair of both the two different versions of animation framework- 2D and 3D in a single video. Well, that’s the beauty of this trend that only a handful of animators can actually dare to try it out. It’s complicated, but its outcomes are immense.

Wrap Up

Animation can be tricky if you do not use the right technique. You have to add more appeal to your animation. You can truly connect with your audience and enhance the outcomes. You can bring out the best flair if you know how to unleash the right amount of creativity. Too much of anything can ruin the overall look of the picture. You have to be choosy in selecting the colors and patterns.