TOP 5 Best Vancouver Lodges to Hangout in the Mountains with Business Partners

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Canada is one of the brightest countries in the world. People come here for making business or for having rest after business. You can come here with your family, friends or business partners for active leisure. Of course, British Columbia is a paradise for outdoor-lovers at any time of the year. If you take a trip in summer you can enjoy fresh air, mountains, wild nature, biking and hiking trails. Visiting Vancouver in winter you expect the best skiing, snowboarding, and other winter activities. One way or another you have a chance to relax and take some wild rest without modern distractions. Here, in Canada, you can pick one of Vancouver’s North Shore mountains – Grouse, Cypress and Seymour.

Of course, Canadian roads need a special car to get from the airport to your hotel without problem. Jeep rental in Vancouver will help you to solve a car rental question in the shortest time. Traveling in winter, don’t forget to check if your car is properly equipped for a winter ride. There are few things you really need: wheel chains, GPS navigation, and a good mountain hotel. It is not a problem to find a hotel or a lodge with a decent view from your window. Of course, everything depends on where you go. Let’s see!


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The local mountains are always popular destinations for group excursions, sport lovers, family travelers. People come here in fall and winter. During the holiday season Vancouver expects many guests. Big and small companies send their staff to Canada for so-called business meeting, training, vacation. You can go skiing, snowboarding, tubing.

Grouse Mountain

If you pick Grouse Mountain, you will enjoy the spectacular views of Vancouver and the North Shore. You can do everything you like, including ziplining, hiking, skiing, snowboarding.

Cypress Mountain

This is the highest mountain in Vancouver. If you are an experienced traveler and skier, you can enchant your skill in skiing and snowboarding. Also, you can try hiking and mountain biking.

Mt Seymour

This mountain is a perfect place for outdoor winter activities for people of different ages. The view of the Vancouver area is impressive.

Many Glacier Lodge Panorama


  1. Stay at Emerald Lake Lodge

Do you like the name of the lodge? It sounds really fantastic. Emerald Lake Lodge is circled by the beautiful mountain peaks. Of course, the area where the hotel is situated really reminds a big lake. First of all, your company can relax in a sauna or in a hot tube. You can go to the fitness zone or relax in the reading room at the fire. There is a comfortable dining for about 200 guests and 24 private cabins for living. It’s ok if you take your pets with you. They’ll get lot of fun skiing and sledding with you.

  1. Stay at Icefall Lodge

This is the best visited place during the winter season. Looking for deep snow, extreme ski ride, and long runs you should stay at the Icefall Lodge. You should book a hotel beforehand because the lodge welcomes up to 20 guests. There are private rooms and two amazing lofts with extremely beautiful sceneries from the window. If you feel like you need some rest after a long active day, you are welcomed at the local sauna.


  1. Stay at Heather Mountain Lodge

This cozy place is situated between the mountain towns not far from the Glacier National Park. This lodge welcomes everyone who likes mountain views and relaxation. The price for room is about $180. Traveling in a big company you can rent a cabin for $300. But even if you are already late and there are no rooms available you can come to the Mountain Lodge to check their restaurant dishes. They are absolutely amazing, especially smoked salmon.

  1. Stay at Bella Coola Mountain Lodge

If you want to dive into wide life and spend your weekend among the trees and mountains, welcome to Bella. You should drive from the Tweedsmuir Provincial Park for 40 minutes to get there. By the way, this place can really impress you by their interesting winter activities. For example, you can take a grizzly bear or a salmon snorkeling tour. There are no many rooms in the lodge. They are about 15.

alpine hut

  1. Stay at Assiniboine Lodge

This is one of the most popular and quiet places for ski lovers. If you are traveling in a company of 10 and more guests, this place is just for you. Traditionally, you are offered to live in a warm and comfortable room, practice skiing and hiking. How about taking a helicopter ride? It sounds really adventurous!

No doubts Vancouver is the best place for visiting in winter. Don’t worry if you plan a corporate trip for summer. Local mountains and lodges are still beautiful and hospitable in spring-summer period. You can go hiking, walk through the mountain forests, discover local lakes and caves. North and West Vancouver is a mecca for all bikers. Bike rental here is also available.