Top 5 Budget Friendly International Destinations From India

Top 5 Budget Friendly International Destinations From India

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Planning for a holiday but haven’t decided on a destination yet? What if we tell you that the budget you set aside for your holiday is more than enough to even travel overseas. Sounds too good to be true? Well, here are the top 5 international destinations you can visit if your set budget for your trip to a city in India is around mid-ranged value.

India has a host of many intriguing holiday destinations within the country’s borderline that makes up for a perfect vacation anytime of the year. There are different destinations you can pick depending on your theme and purpose of visit. There are also a couple of international destinations not very far from the country, which, if planned well in advance can prove to be as cheap as travelling to some of the destinations within the country itself. Mentioned below are the list of 5 destinations where you get to travel outside to a foreign place and still spend as much you would at some destinations in India.

Top 5 Budget Friendly International Destinations From India


Dubai is not just about high rises and crazy rich people. There is so much to see and do in this incredibly and awesome city. Get on the 4 hour Delhi to Dubai flights and begin exploring the palm city.  Stroll around recorded areas, visit the flavor souks, go on a desert safari, or simply unwind at a pleasant eatery; you can take as much time as necessary to investigate the whole place, it’s not going to be overwhelming on your pockets!


The most common and probably the cheapest destination you could go to from India. Thailand is also a brilliant destination in the event that you are looking for a not so expensive place for your honeymoon. People travel halfway across the globe just to spend their honeymoon here and you get to visit it boarding a 4 hour flight from Delhi or a 3 and half hour flight from Kolkata! Absorb the sun-kissed shorelines, get overwhelmed in the delectable Thai curries or appreciate the mood of the astonishing temples, monasteries and palaces and be introduced to a whole new culture without having to shell out too much!


Greenery all around – that is Indonesia for you! This excellent island is so rich in greenery that numerous spas are arranged without proper infrastructure, in the midst of the common surroundings of trees! The splendid blue-green oceans here give an impeccable spot to laze around and unwind. Ocean depths mates will love this nation without a doubt!


Vietnam is everything from tough landscapes to certain tropical islands. You will likewise get the chance to eat a considerable measure of irregular and colorful (even bizarre) food all throughout the course of your trip. The whole trek ought not cost you an excessive amount of in the event that you choose to dump top of the line lodgings and settle on less expensive homestays.


An uncontrollably acclaimed occasion destination for Indians, Malaysia is one which can’t be investigated in only one visit. The pioneer design, reviving precipitation timberlands, great shopping centers; there is a lot to do here! It is so extremely fancy yet still reasonable!’ Malaysia is also one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world.