ValueMags Answers Your Questions

ValueMags Answers Your Questions

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Below are answers to common questions that individuals and clients continue to ask ValueMags. Most answers to those questions are on their website but for more information regarding these questions, contact them directly.

ValueMags Answers Your Questions

Are Subscriptions Available Outside of the US?

Unfortunately, ValueMags does not deliver their issues and magazines outside of the United States. They are only provided to businesses and individuals within the US. Note that ValueMags is working hard towards expanding their clientele to Canada and even Europe. More of Europe is following North American trends and although the issues are offered in English, ValueMags found that despite the language differences, Europeans are still buying everything that is labeled “North American English”. This has made their research more intriguing and has jumpstarted ideas into how to enter the European markets.

When will I Receive My First Issue After My Subscription?

ValueMags is a marketing agency for publishers. This means that publishers take the final decision on whether or not the magazines are free or they wish to start selling them rather than offering them. In other words, the final qualifications for free subscriptions is only upon publisher approval. Since the requests have to go through several departments and levels of management, your first issue can arrive within 13 weeks. Upon ordering the magazine, it is the client’s responsibility to check when the issue is expected to arrive.

Note on most occasions, it is not as long as 13 weeks. This is in the worst case scenario which means that it will likely not happen to you.

Does ValueMags Carry Magazines for My Particular Interest?

This, of course, depends of what your particular interests are. Be assure however that ValueMags is dedicated to understanding their clients wants to making contacts with publishers on their behalf to hold magazines that interest them.

So, if ValueMags does not hold a magazine that interest you, feel free to reach out to them and put in a request. They customer service team is always willing to listen!