Visiting Greece

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Greece is an interesting place to visit with its scenic cosastline, forest and mountains. In more rural areas, Greece offers quiet stillness and it could provide us with peaceful vacation. The country is both a continental and archipelagic area. Other than the mainland Greece, we could also visit various islands, such as Rhodes, Lesvos, Kos and Crete. When visiting various islands in Greece, the most common way is to use the ferry boat. It can be a very relaxing and inexpensive way to travel around Greece. Many ferry boats have comfortable seating, restaurants and snack bars. Because there are many islands that we can visit in Greece, we should be sure to plan ahead. Just to be safe, we should use dependable travel agency if we are uncomfortable. Although plenty of attractions in Greece are found in its islands, we shouldn’t miss the mainland. If we want to find the “true Greece”, we could go to Peloponessos, with its unique towns, seaside mountains and stunning beaches. Most amazing attractions include Santorinin volcano and Diros Caves.

Visiting Greece

Mystras is located near the site of the ancient Sparta and Nafplio is the first capital of modern Greece. In Argolis, we could visit multiple historic sites, like Argos, Nemea and Epidavros. Nafplio is known for its active night life, great beaches, restaurants and fortresses. Kalavrita is another place to visit in the mainland with its gorge and scenic mountains with skiing facility. Athens is the capital of Egypt and it combines ancient Greek identity with modern city life. There are streets and parks with convenient walking paths. Hotels and museums in Athens are generally well maintained. The best time to visit Greece is between June and September. At this period, we should be prepared for hopping night life and busy crowds. However, we could also visit Greece during the winter to avoid excessive crowds. Although, we may not be able to swim in some beaches during the winter, exploring museums and historic sites can be a lot more convenient. Also, prices during winter months are usually lower.

Hiking in Greece is obviously an interesting experience. We can explore beautiful landscape and ancient mythology. Hiking in Greece is obviously captivating, since the country is rich with historical and philosophical details. Greece is among the most romantic countries in Europe and it is generally exciting to see the country by foot. In Peloponnese is a good place to enjoy cultural walk. In Kardamili, we could find striking narrow and tall houses with unique architecture. The Vickos gorge is a popular ski resort and it has plenty of footpaths that are interconnected. The valleys and hills of Kea are known for its watermills, shaded valleys and springs. It also has oak fortress and there are also some ancient roads. Greece is a place with plenty of fascinating islands and the Cyclades islands are among them. Tourists could flock to the place for romance, excitement and luxury. Santorini and Mykonos are popular islands in the Cyclades. They are known for great beaches, hills and eating places.

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