Visiting Montreal

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Montreal is one of the best places that we can visit in Canada and it can be accessed quite easily from other nearby cities, such as Toronto. Many travellers reach Canada through Ottawa or Toronto, so it is better to go to Montreal through train, no stress and no traffic. Canada is a sparsely populated country and a train ride could offer us plenty of good sceneries. Before visiting Montreal, we should plan our trip and we could start our experience in the city by visiting one of the popular French bistros for lunch. During the night, we could go to Vieux Montreal to go to some of the nice restaurants, especially those with live jazz music.

Visiting Montreal

The Old Montreal a great place to visit during the night and it is the original settlement of early French people in the area. On the following day, we could experience the architectural jewel of the city and we would be impressed with the rich history of the city. Chateau du Ramezay is an interesting museum in Montreal that offers plenty of diverse artifacts as old as nearly 400 years ago. The next thing to do is taking the relaxing afternoon stroll through the memorable Latin Quarter and we could find many premier Mexican restaurants that would offers us good dinner. The best time to visit the city is during the Montreal Jazz Festival.

July 1 is the Canada Day and the festivities can be unbelievable in Montreal. It would be a good time to explore the city with bicycle, through the extensive bike trains throughout the city, especially along the Lachine Canal. The historic Marche Atwater should provide us with rather energizing lunch. Such a physical exercise should stimulate our appetite and we could enjoy a wonderful dinner at the Old Montreal, especially in one of those popular and historic restaurants. The streets of Old Montreal could be packed with many revellers. We could also find street performers and small roadside concerts. There are also plenty of entertainment facilities for children in the area and the whole family can be kept entertainment the whole day.

Casino de Montreal is another place to visit and it is more than just for gambling. Nuances is the casino’s fine dining restaurant and it offers great view across the downtown Montreal, along with the river. It is possible to visit Montreal in just three or four days and we can leave the city during the noon with a train. Before the actual departure, we could squeeze in a couple of hours of short trip inside the city, such as historic department store, Art Deco skyscrapers and a number of stunning cathedrals. The trip should end with the Richardsonian Romanesque train station, which is now an office and hotel complex.

Overall, Montreal can be enchanting with its strong European flair, unlike many other cities in North America. There are diverse and gorgeous residential areas that we find and the Old Montreal simply offers plenty of stunning sights.