Visiting Hawaii For The First Time

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For people who haven’t visited Hawaii before, it is possible for them to guide themselves on the archipelago. They can rent a car and enjoy the beauty of the main islands. Oahu is the primary island of the Hawaii and it is simple incredible. There are many things that we can see and visit. By guiding themselves, travellers could actually move faster ahead. The Punchbowl cemetery is visited by more than 6 million people each year and it is the place where many thousands soldiers who died in WW2, Korean War and Vietnam War were buried. After visiting Punchbowl for about an hour, we could hop back in our car and go to the Puu Ualakaa overlook. It provides a 230-degree view of the Honolulu from the nearby Mount Tantalus. From this vantage point, we could also see the famous Pearl Harbor and Diamond Head. It is a good place to have a picnic lunch.

Visiting Hawaii For The First Time

Lyon Arboretum is another place that we should visit in Oahu. It is located on a nearly 200-acre of rainforest where we can find 8000 species of plants. After appreciating the nature for a few hours, we could visit the Pearl Harbor and go to the USS Arizona Memorial, where the battleship sank during the Day of the Infamy. It is a good opportunity to learn more about when WW2 finally broke out in Pacific. There are other attractions that we can visit in Oahu, but the above recommendations should keep us on our feet and enjoy the island. It is quite likely that we will find other attractive places along the way.

Oahu shouldn’t be the only island we visit in Hawaii. Even if we have limited time to spare, at least we should try to visit the island of Kauai and stay in the Kauai Condo Rentals. There is so much to do and see in the island and it could actually take weeks to fully appreciate the island. It has an amazing 10-mile wide, 1-mile long canyon. One popular attraction in the island is the Salt Pond County Beach Park and it is located near the actual salt ponds. They are still in use for producing rock salts for various purposes. At the Hanelei Bay, there’s a Russian fort and they didn’t stay too long in the archipelago. The fort was abandoned after two years.

From the fort, we should get a breathtaking view of the nearby Hanelei Bay that makes the whole thing worth the trip. Maniniholo dry cave is another place that we should visit and it’s simply an amazing mesh of vines and trees. Local legends say that the sea elves dug the caves. Kamokila Hawaiian village is the last attraction that we should visit in Kauai. It allows us to learn more about the local history. We would know how Hawaiians are able to become truly self sufficient by living off the land. The village can be visited at any day and we can take a canoe ride along the nearby river to better appreciate the surrounding.