Ways to Help a Family Member Living with Alzheimer’s

Ways to Help a Family Member Living with Alzheimer’s

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While there is no cure for Alzheimer’s, there are many ways to improve the lives of those who suffer from the disease. But if you have a family member with Alzheimer’s, not only will they have to adapt to a new reality, so, too, will you.

Here is how you can help make a positive difference in their lives:

Educate yourself about the disease – The more you know about Alzheimer’s the better equipped you will be to understand the root causes, empathize with the patient, and know what role you can play to enhance their lives. Making choices without a full understanding of the disease can lead to greater future complications.

Sign up with Centers Health Care – Centers Health Care is a leading healthcare organization that specializes in caregiving, skilled nursing, assisted living, and more. Centers offers a multidisciplinary program that includes nursing, physical therapy, housekeeping, recreation, diet and psychological support. Daily activities include recall exercises, singing, learning, communal dining, exercising, social interaction and more.

Make small gestures – Alzheimer’s patients will appreciate your help and companionship. Assist them with their medication. Take them out for a walk or ride. Or simply sit and talk with them. The smallest gesture can be immensely helpful.