What Can a New Balustrade Do for Your Home’s Aesthetics?

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You may be wondering how a new balustrade would work in your home. A balustrade is simply the stabilizing part of the handrail on your staircase. Here are some of the ways that a new balustrade will serve to change and enhance the aesthetics of your home.

Imparts Stability

Depending on the balustrade that you select, it serves as an anchor point for your staircase. This can be achieved in a variety of ways depending on the type of location that you decide to place it. In larger staircases, you may decide that several balustrades are needed to give you the amount of stability that you desire. Floor and wall anchor points are the ways that a balustrade is generally secured as well as the railing sections that are in between them.

Establishing Focal Point

The railings tend to become more of the focal point of your staircase just because there’s more of it than the balustrade itself. This doesn’t mean that you have to leave the balustrade out of all the fun. You can dress it up or keep it more understated depending on the aesthetic appeal that you want to achieve. The placement of your balustrade at the beginning of the stairway will often serve as the focal point and draw your eye up the rest of the staircase.

Contrasting Style

Another common technique to bring more attention to the balustrade is to select a different style from the rest of the blade fencing for the balustrade. Older homes often had ornate balustrades and more simple fencing in order to achieve this look. You may even decide that going with a simpler balustrade and decorative spindles is the look for your home. Using this contrasting style technique is one of the more traditional methods for distinguishing the different parts of your railing system.

Sets the Tone

Trim and stairway pieces help to set the tone for the rest of your house. There are numerous different ways that you can go about setting the tone. Traditional, modern, classical, or completely unique are just a few of ways that you can change the aesthetics for your home. In some homes, the stairs are placed in the entryway. This allows for you to more easily establish the style for the rest of your home.

It may be time for you to install a new balustrade. Select a balustrade that will achieve the aesthetic balance that you want for your home.

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