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What To Wear With A Purple Dress

3 mins read

Purple dresses have always been associated with luxury, class and elegance. No matter what shade or style you opt for, a perfect blend of accessories with your dress will intensify your look in a positive way. Whether you need to wear it to a casual office party or an extravagant wedding, a purple dress with the appropriate accessorisaton will definitely fulfill your requirements.

Firstly, if you are looking to wear a purple dress to the office, a darker shade would be more suitable. The dress can be matched with a cardigan or a dark coloured jacket to make it perfectly suitable for a working environment. While a darker shade provides elegance for the workplace, lighter shades of purple are mesmerising when worn during the evening or night. You can even opt for a strapless style if you feel more comfortable without sleeves. Also, if you’re feeling brave, above-the-knee styles are an excellent way of showing off your legs. People looking to wear long dresses can also pull off the purple colour by wearing footwear that matches their dress to perfection.

The classiest choice is to develop a combination of your purple dress with shoes and accessories of the same colour. This is particularly important because it does not seem tasteful if the accessories stand out more than the dress. Skin coloured shoes with a nude or black clutch are often the most elegant and fashionable choice for a purple dress. Women searching for a more glittering and glam look can go for golden coloured footwear. Keep in mind that the tone of the colour must be such that it does not stand out too much as this might come across as being a tad garish. Similarly, an appropriate shade of sliver footwear can provide a breathtakingly beautiful appearance when worn with a purple dress.

Choosing the appropriate jewellery usually depends on the type of occasion that you are attending and the style of dress that you intend to wear. Delicate jewellery like bracelets, gold chains and earrings can be wonderfully matched with a dress for a deluxe wedding. Diamonds and neutral coloured stones in combination with a purple dress are also a great way of adding glamour and allure to your look. In contrast, informal occasions offer women a chance to go wild with their jewellery. You can try wearing larger earrings and bracelets with brighter colours that bring a dazzling sparkle to your appearance. Finally, you can add a glittery purse or a dark coloured clutch for night occasions and opt for a beautiful gold clutch to complete a dazzling wedding look.

So now that you know how to create wonderful outfits to complement it, all you need to do is pick out a purple dress that you like and get to work!